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Movies & Ballgames

Our Friday night was pretty low key - we had a nice dinner out then had dessert at DQ, then picked up Redbox to finish off our evening. Our movie of choice was Home - love that movie!!

Saturday we were up early for ballgames - Aaron's game wasn't until 10:30, but it was picture day, too so we had to be at the fields early. We didn't win today, but the boys all did very good!

Our moms & dads were representing today, too! Getting warmed up! Coaching tips from daddy before going up to bat. He listened to daddy and got a base hit! Run baby!! Baby got on base with every at bat! Jumping on first! Aaron played pitcher today, too - I think he liked that, though I think shortstop is his strong spot!
Can't wait to see the fun this season brings!
The rest of the evening was pretty low key - we went to see Hotel Transylvania 2 with all the neighbors. It was FANTASTIC by the way! Then all the kids and the dads played football in the cul-de-sac and daddy grilled us up a yummy di…

The Future's So Bright...

It's Friendship Week at school this week - we started with wearing red on Monday, Tuesday was camo, Wednesday was jerseys or team shirt (Emma had to sport her new Watt Jersey, while Aaron adorned his new Rangers shirt from his ball team) and then today was Wear Your Sunglasses day! 
They are just way to cool for school!!

Rangers Game #1

Aaron's team had their first game yesterday!!

I loved watching him play! I loved watching the concentration - every ball that was hit his eyes were on it - Ball Ready!! Now that isn't to say in between plays they weren't typically little 5 & 6 year olds goofing around...and of course, there had to be a potty break LOL! Great thing about boys, though...didn't have to make the long walk to the club house b/c we weren't playing on a field close to it...we just hit the grass in between some parked cars and were back in the game! Ha ha!

Love this group of boys he is playing with and the parents, too...I think we are gonna have a great season!

Keeping his eyes on the prize!!
I know the one is blurry, but I still liked the shot coming into Home Plate!

Look at that concentration y'all!!! Fielding the ball!

And this was my fave...last minute coaching from daddy before he went up to bat!

Weekend Wrap Up

Fall ball is in full swing...we are on the Rangers this season!
A little red faced after practice!! It was a hot one even for an early morning practice! The remainder of our day was pretty relaxed - errands and playing in the back yard, of course! A little tree climbing - I have two little monkeys!!

He thought this was sooo funny to put his feet up in front of my phone! 

Today has been church and football mostly - Aaron had some makeup work for the days he missed last week... Then tonight it's Night of Champions and Fear the Walking Dead before bedtime!

Home Bound

Aaron came into my bed at 5AM this morning with a fever. It wasn't high, but I knew he didn't feel well at all. Less than an hour later Emma came along with a fever as well and complaining of a very sore throat. My boss has been out sick all week with Flu and Strep so I know something has been going around.
So I called the school to let them know they would be out and told my office I would be working from home today. One of the many great things about my company is that flexibility.
We all slept late first - sometimes the extra rest is the best thing. Neither complained about laying down as they didn't have energy for anything else. And I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese. Yesterday the kids finished a pot of soup all on their own - today, though Emma barely ate half a bowl and Aaron didn't eat a fourth of his sandwich. I think Aaron got the worst of it - Emma's fever has stayed low and she hasn't complained much more about her throat. …