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3rd Grade & Kindergarten

School is back in session...and Aaron went into his first day of Kinder like a Boss!!! I didn't even cry believe it or not - I think b/c I was in shock as to his level of "I got this Mom!!"

Emma was so awesome - not only did she pick out & lay out their clothes for the first day, she also helped her little brother with his shoes! What a sweet big sister!
Back to school
She is such a little grown up...sometimes!

I have to say I was a little disappointed we didn't get many pics the first day at all...and those I tried to get at the house were difficult b/c the second I walked outside my lens fogged up!!! REALLY!?!?
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Aaron's says he wants to be a WWE Wrestler & Emma's says she wants to be a Fashion Designer (still) and a WWE Diva (or at least design their outfits)!!
Back to school

And I did manage to get one picture of them at their desks. Emma was not ready to give up her summer! This was the most smile I could garner from her!
Back to school
Aaron was happier to be there than sister!
Back to school
I hope everyone returning to school had a great first day - students & teachers alike!!


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