Thursday, August 20, 2015

3rd Grade & Kinder Here Come the Kubeczkas

It has been such a busy day! I've been taking half days this week to hang out with my babes a little extra before school starts on Monday. Today we had dentist appointments - both had great check-ups by the way! Dentist said that Emma's teeth were text book actually!! WooHoo! Aaron had a good check up as well - he has a couple of teeth getting loose now, too so we may be seeing the tooth fairy again soon. Not for a while again, though for Emma - he said she has lost all the teeth she is going to lose for at least another year.

After that we headed home to meet up with daddy and head to school to meet our new teachers! 
Back to school 2015
We headed to the Kindergarten hall first...turns out Aaron has the same teacher Emma had for Kinder! Emma was excited for him and Aaron met two of his classmates so now he'll know at least a couple of kids on Monday. Could be more b/c I know some kids from his daycare will be there - hopefully they'll be in the same class. He was such a little gentlemen and introduced himself to everyone!
Back to school 2015
And he picked out his seat! He went to day camps with Emma on campus this summer so he already knew his way around campus - he was actually showing us all around! I'm glad we decided to do that this summer so he would be on familiar ground when school started!
Back to school 2015
(Yes, he has blue lips - they gave them suckers! LOL)

Then we headed over to the 3rd Grade hall...THIRD GRADE FOLKS!! How is that even possible?
Emma has switch teachers again, only this time the teachers will be switching instead of the students for this particular class! That will be nice for the kids I think - they can keep all their stuff together in their desk and don't have to carry it all around!

We were excited to see that we knew one of her teachers - she goes to church with us and her daughter is in Emma's Sunday School class and also a 3rd grader! We sit right across from her every Sunday so it was pretty cool to see her when we walked into the classroom!
Back to school 2015
And this is her switch teacher. She was so sweet, too!
Back to school 2015
Emma picked out her desk, too so she is all set for Monday!
Back to school 2015
Welcome back Wolfpack!
Back to school 2015
And I'm so excited for my sweet boy to start Kindergarten...very sad that it's already here and I know Monday is not going to be easy for me, but still very excited for him and so happy that he has his Big Sister to be there for him!
Back to school 2015
They just looks so grown babies aren't quite babies anymore. 

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