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Off to School

Ya know I was really worried about the kids getting up and getting ready on time for school...well, mainly Aaron to be honest. During the summer I have to be honest - there were a couple of days he went to my mother's house in just his underwear! In my defense I was trying to teach him a lesson - you don't get up when I tell you, you leave just as you are when it's time to go. It did work, though - he only did it a couple of times before he realized I was not joking!
Don't threaten your kids with things if you don't plan on following through - I told him when I was ready to go if he wasn't ready too bad...and I meant it! LOL
But honestly - I haven't had a problem getting them up. Emma picks out her clothes the night before (and sometimes even her brother's outfit), she has her alarm set, they get up, brush their teeth, their hair, get dressed and all I have to do is just do time checks! This working mom is rejoicing!! Aaron hasn't mastered tying hi…

3rd Grade & Kindergarten

School is back in session...and Aaron went into his first day of Kinder like a Boss!!! I didn't even cry believe it or not - I think b/c I was in shock as to his level of "I got this Mom!!"

Emma was so awesome - not only did she pick out & lay out their clothes for the first day, she also helped her little brother with his shoes! What a sweet big sister!
She is such a little grown up...sometimes!
I have to say I was a little disappointed we didn't get many pics the first day at all...and those I tried to get at the house were difficult b/c the second I walked outside my lens fogged up!!! REALLY!?!?
Aaron's says he wants to be a WWE Wrestler & Emma's says she wants to be a Fashion Designer (still) and a WWE Diva (or at least design their outfits)!!

And I did manage to get one picture of them at their desks. Emma was not ready to give up her summer! This was the most smile I could garner from her!
Aaron was happier to be there than sister!
I hope everyo…

Countdown Is Over

School starts TOMORROW!!!
Aaron is so ready - he told me this evening that I didn't have to walk him to school. That I could just drive him and Emma and he would go to his class on his own! I informed him that parents had to walk their kids to class on the first day of Kindergarten! Hey - I'm sure he'll tell the same fib to his son, too!! **sniff sniff**
I still cannot believe he's starting Kindergarten - he promised me that he wouldn't grow up! He promised!!!
Emma, on the other hand, is not ready for summer to be over! She's been having way too much fun! LOL! She is quite the little momma, though - tonight she laid out her clothes and Aaron's!
Aaron and his little friend Jordan haven't got to see one another that much this summer and since they won't get to be together in Kinder we invited Jordan over for a sleepover Friday night so the boys could catch up on some good quality play time! They definitely made the most of it, too! Best Friends! Ther…

3rd Grade & Kinder Here Come the Kubeczkas

It has been such a busy day! I've been taking half days this week to hang out with my babes a little extra before school starts on Monday. Today we had dentist appointments - both had great check-ups by the way! Dentist said that Emma's teeth were text book actually!! WooHoo! Aaron had a good check up as well - he has a couple of teeth getting loose now, too so we may be seeing the tooth fairy again soon. Not for a while again, though for Emma - he said she has lost all the teeth she is going to lose for at least another year.
After that we headed home to meet up with daddy and head to school to meet our new teachers!  We headed to the Kindergarten hall first...turns out Aaron has the same teacher Emma had for Kinder! Emma was excited for him and Aaron met two of his classmates so now he'll know at least a couple of kids on Monday. Could be more b/c I know some kids from his daycare will be there - hopefully they'll be in the same class. He was such a little gentlemen…

Teresa's Birthday Trip

Man - it's been nearly a month since I posted anything...sure doesn't mean we haven't been busy! Too busy to post maybe. I need to get better about short little daily posts so things don't get dusty around there, though.

So, my sister had a big birthday last month and we've been planning this girls' trip for a while! This past weekend was the first available where most were free - there were actually three folks missing, but they'll have to catch the next trip!

My sister's choice for the trip was to visit Fredericksburg - I was all over it b/c I had never been and it was Trade Days weekend and who would pass that up!?!? As if the shopping just in town wasn't enough, right??

So...we loaded up and off we went! Get ready for picture overload and this is just the few I loaded onto Flickr!
Toast to the Birthday Girl! My other sister trying to get a selfie of her & the birthday girl...she was learning! But she got better at it...(Don't I look exac…