Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Summer Staycation Day One

So, I was supposed to be off this entire week, but some things came up at work that I ended up going in Monday, but was still able to take off the rest of the week! We didn't have a lot of things planned, but we made it up along the way! Michael wasn't planning on being off, but ended up taking off from Wednesday on.

Tuesday it was just me and the kids for the first day of our staycation! We ended up playing around the house, making DIY Shrinky Dinks, having Pho (again, since daddy was at work), and going for Boba!

I know you remember Shrinky Dinks, right???
Yeah - that's them! Well, they don't sell them anymore, but you can make your own - just use the plastic that recycle 6 on it. It's like the containers you sometimes get when you get to go food or something. We just did one simple one to try it out and it worked great - so now we can let our imagination go wild to see what else we can make!!
Simple little charm - but it turned out good! Just like the ones I remember buying when I was a kid!
I told you my kiddos loved Pho - what can I say!?!?
Afterwards we hit up the new Boba place that just opened up down the street...I had my fave Thai Tea with the large boba. It's what I always gets!
This beauty had Orange - I don't think it is one she'll order again, but she said she wanted to try something new! Like her being adventurous with a new flavor, though!
And my little man had his fave - strawberry banana and he was the assorted fruit jellies in his.
Day two took us to the zoo! Post to follow on that!

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