Sunday, July 12, 2015
I'm exhausted is all I can say! I feel like we haven't stopped all weekend and while it was fun, I'm one tired mama!! LOL

Friday night we hit up the movie theater!
My ❤️s hand-in-hand!!!
We went to see Minions and laughed our rear-ends off!! Michael was actually audibly laughing out loud at parts - which is a big deal since Michael isn't a big movie guy. 

Saturday Michael got up early and hit the surf and went fishing...he got a little sun exposure to say the least! He's better today than he was yesterday, but still a little toasty! While he was gone the kids, Teta, and I got up early and went out for breakfast then took care of a few errands and a little fun shopping, too!

I also received a package in the mail I'd been waiting first Chatbooks order came in!
I will get five books a month until I catch up on all my Instagram history and from then on it will be when I fill up 60 pages of the pictures I flag to include!

Then we were off to my great-nephew's birthday party. 
The birthday boy!
Justin's Bday
I don't think she has a problem relaxing!
Justin's Bday
Aaron jumping off the dive rock!
Justin's Bday
Justin's Bday
Gotta break in all those new toys, too!
Justin's Bday
We had a great time with all the fam!
Justin's Bday
And that wasn't even it for our Saturday - after the party the kids had a sleepover with Geddo & Teta. Another great thing about swim parties - you sleep really, really well!! LOL
And Michael and I had a night out with friends! We went to hear Texas Country singer Josh Ward.
Autographs & pics!! #masonessaloon #joshward
We didn't close the place down, but came close! It was fun to get out, though - we haven't done that in a while!

This morning since the kids were at my parents' house I was able to sleep in just a little while longer since I just had me to get ready for church and not me plus two little people. But in the afternoon I still took some more relaxing time to soak in the tub...and look who came to check in on me!
Relaxing & reading in the tub and look up to this sweet face!! He love his momma - always by my side! #kub #GreatDane #GentleGiant
He is a lovable one!!

After some time to recharge from the sleep I missed last night we headed to dinner with Michael's parents - today is their 40th wedding anniversary. Now we're back home and time to end the busy weekend. I don't think I am going to have any trouble getting to sleep tonight!