July 4th Festivities

Sunday, July 05, 2015
We spent Saturday evening with friends who had a block party to celebrate the 4th.
July 4th
We had gourmet provisions, too as one of their neighbors acted as chef and everything he brought outside to share was impeccable! My taste buds were in heaven!

I didn't take many pics b/c we were busy having a good time, but I did take a couple slow motion videos of the fireworks - this doesn't do them justice by any means, but I thought it was neat!
Emma had so much fun - Jagger was attached to her most of the evening and she made some new friends, too - there were tons of kids running around!
July 4th
Aaron was off and running all evening with Jordan - he knew all the kids there within minutes! LOL

One of the new friends Emma made taught her how to ride a skateboard, too - now she wants one! Ha ha!!! We'll see!
July 4th
It was a great evening with great friends!!!

Today has been a productive and easy going day! I had to make a run to Sam's and made it home with loot to get separated and put up. I made some homemade salsa with some more tomatoes I had, shelled peas that Michael brought in from the garden. I didn't have quite enough for everyone for dinner so I am putting those up to add to more he picks later. Got lunch snacks pre-bagged for the kids' lunches, cleaned out the fridge, gave Soldier and shower (yes, he takes showers) and took him for a walk for a speedy air dry, picked up in the back yard, did the dishes. The only thing I wanted to get done today that I haven't done was make french bread to put in the freezer for quick breakfasts for the kids next week - I am out of eggs, though and don't know if I feel like making another store run so that may not get done. Won't feel guilty about that, though!!

It's been a wonderful week off - I've thoroughly enjoyed our staycation and wouldn't mind continuing it, but tomorrow it's back to work! We've had a lot of changes at work recently, though so Monday is going to be very..."new"! I'm anxious to see how things change.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends!