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Camping Pics Overload

Last week we went camping for four days...four very HOT, but very FUN days!!! We went to a new place we haven't been before and it will definitely be one that we return to! And a very good part - it was very close! :)
So, get ready...get!!!! Attempt at a horizon shot in the water! My little fish - she spent more time on the bottom of the pool than the top! LOL Look at me under the water Mommy!! The goal is that the floaties are going to disappear this summer and I have to brag on my boy - he did so great right off the bat! We used the kick board a while and then I told him to just let go and swim...and well, he did! He can't go far yet without needing a little assistance, but a couple more times in the water and I know he'll have it! My girl! My boy!! Jump in...the water's fine! Splashdown! We didn't JUST swim...well, mostly we did b/c well, it's fun and it was hot! But we also played outside the water!

We golfed! Can you see where that ball is???? …


I'm exhausted is all I can say! I feel like we haven't stopped all weekend and while it was fun, I'm one tired mama!! LOL

Friday night we hit up the movie theater! We went to see Minions and laughed our rear-ends off!! Michael was actually audibly laughing out loud at parts - which is a big deal since Michael isn't a big movie guy. 
Saturday Michael got up early and hit the surf and went fishing...he got a little sun exposure to say the least! He's better today than he was yesterday, but still a little toasty! While he was gone the kids, Teta, and I got up early and went out for breakfast then took care of a few errands and a little fun shopping, too!

I also received a package in the mail I'd been waiting first Chatbooks order came in!
I will get five books a month until I catch up on all my Instagram history and from then on it will be when I fill up 60 pages of the pictures I flag to include!
Then we were off to my great-nephew's birthday party.  …

July 4th Festivities

We spent Saturday evening with friends who had a block party to celebrate the 4th.
We had gourmet provisions, too as one of their neighbors acted as chef and everything he brought outside to share was impeccable! My taste buds were in heaven!

I didn't take many pics b/c we were busy having a good time, but I did take a couple slow motion videos of the fireworks - this doesn't do them justice by any means, but I thought it was neat!
Emma had so much fun - Jagger was attached to her most of the evening and she made some new friends, too - there were tons of kids running around!
Aaron was off and running all evening with Jordan - he knew all the kids there within minutes! LOL

One of the new friends Emma made taught her how to ride a skateboard, too - now she wants one! Ha ha!!! We'll see!
It was a great evening with great friends!!!

Today has been a productive and easy going day! I had to make a run to Sam's and made it home with loot to get separated and put up. I made s…

Staycation Day Number 4

Last night we grilled & pre-celebrated the 4th with friends in the cul-de-sac. Man, did we have some good grub, too. Ribs were on point last night! There was also jerk chicken, pork chops, boudin, roasted corn on the cob, baked beans, potato salad and even a red, white, & blue cake!
I was worried that the rain was going to keep us all indoors b/c the clouds were rolling in and the thunder sounded so menacing, but not a drop of rain fell and the clouds kept it rather cool When the occasional breeze rolled through it was even nicer! Perfect evening for playing outside.

Everyone is still snoozing here this morning now except me! The pups were up and ready to play, so I am up! The kids must have really worn themselves out last night to sleep this late.

We didn't have a ton of fireworks last night, just a little bit of teasers. The kids bought "kid packs" and they thoroughly enjoyed every minute of them. Tonight we will head out to watch some big fireworks!

I like the…

Day Three of our Staycation

We spent yesterday in the water all day until we were all sufficiently water-logged!
This boy knows how to relax, too!
We are losing these floaties this year so he'll be able to properly swim underwater!
We all rode the Big Kahuna together - one of the few rides all four of us can ride together. And so much fun!! Aaron's face doesn't show it, but after we got off he said it was a blast!!
And then the three of them went surfing!!
Even daddy!
Today we're ready for a day of fun with friends...gotta go ready for the festivities!!