Summertime, Summertime

Friday, June 05, 2015
it's finally here...though it would really be so much better if work let out for summer like school did. That would make summer epic!!!

We ended the school year with a bang - last wee of school I took Emma out of school early and we headed downtown to watch Smackdown! This is our 2nd time to go and it was just as great as the first time...won't be the last either!
Can you guuueeesss...where we're headed?!?! #WWE #RomanReigns #JohnCena #NikkiBella
We went in as early as we could so we would be able to check everything out before it got crowded!
Checking things out before the event started! Soakin it in!! #Smackdown #WWE
One of these days I hope the kids get a chance to meet one of these guys!!
Gonna meet these guys for real one day!!! #Smackdown #WWE
Of course, mommy would mind meeting Roman either! LOL

The last day of school was bittersweet. It's really hard to believe that she is going to be in the 3rd grade this fall! She's changed a lot this year. Still maintaining her Honor Roll status and this year she got into multiplication b/c she's done so well in math! I am so proud of her!
First & Last day of 2nd Grade!! Can't believe I'll have a 3rd Grader now!!!! This little girl just fills my heart!!!!! (She will be happy to see how much her hair has grown!!)
Of course, baby brother had to get a pic in, too. It was his last day of day care, too. Since he is starting Kindergarten in the fall (tear *sniff sniff*), he is going to do the summer program with Emma - it's just a few days a week, but I think it'll be good so when the fall gets here he'll already be used to being on campus and the transition to Kindergarten will be a breeze!
Baby Bro had to get in a quick pic with her this morning, too! His last day at daycare is today, too - watch out Kindergarten!!! Aaron is headed your way!
Honestly, I never worry about Aaron in new situations - he's kinda like his mommy! Never met a stranger!

Tonight we celebrated summer starting with our neighbors...grilled up some burgers and dogs, had yummy desserts, and the kids played in the water...
Everything has been picked up and put up now, the kids plus one (sleepover tonight) are winding down, and Michael and I are vegging in front of the TV. Tomorrow is gonna be another busy day.