Movies, Birthday Parties, & Father's Day...

Sunday, June 21, 2015
...that about sums up our weekend!

Friday morning was the last day of VBS for the kids, so while they were there mom & I headed to the salon to get haircuts. LOVE going to get my hair did!! LOL Friday night we gave Michael early Father's Day presents, went out for dinner & then went to see Jurassic World - awesome movie! We all loved it, though Aaron did fall asleep near the end. Our fault for catching such a late showing.
Kids are like me - just have to give gifts early!!! They gave daddy his Father's Day gifts tonight then we had dinner out & finished the evening with Jurassic World - it was a bit for all!!! Though truth be too told Aaron couldn't hang - I had to carry hi
Saturday ran errands during the morning & then in the afternoon we headed to the splash pad to celebrate Jagger's 3rd Birthday!
Fun times today - thankful the weather cooperated for the kiddos!! Happy Birthday Jagger!!
We weren't sure the weather was going to cooperate, but turned out to be a good afternoon to play in the water!
Jagger's bday party!
What a fun group of kids! They all had a blast! And the underwater pictures were going, long can you hold your breath??
Jagger's bday party!
This little one was like a fish!
Jagger's bday party!
Aaron was proud of his new "trick"! Ha Ha!
Jagger's bday party
We thought about going to see Inside Out afterwards, but water play does wear you we just had dinner & rented some movies to watch at home!

This morning before church I took the kids out for a few quick snaps because we were actually dressed on time...or early to be fair...and Aaron insisted on taking a picture with his WWE belt! LOL
After church we went to visit with Michael's dad for a little while then headed back to see my parents and take my daddy out for Father's Day dinner. Kids enjoyed using the wine glasses for their drinks and had Father's Day toasts! 
Make sure you make eye contact when you cheers with others! :)

When we got home we hit the back yard for the rest of the evening till it was time to come get ready for the new week. I feel like I've been on the go non-stop since Friday morning so I am anxious to put my feet up now and find my pillow!!