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Our Saturday

started off pretty early! Michael and I have been talking about joining our two front flower beds into one big flower bed, so we started work on that early this morning. I had shown him pictures earlier in the week of some things I wanted so Friday on the way home he stopped at the nursery. So for the first half of the day I was extremely thankful for the cloud cover - it made for a very nice and cool morning for us to work out in the yard! The kids wanted to help, but mostly ended up playing...of course! Emma & Addison traced the bear this time instead of one another - you can see how hard I was working in the flower bed by all the dirt on my foot! :D
After we finished up (I still need to get a little more mulch - we underestimated how big it turned out) the boys headed up to East Texas to go fishing with Uncle David (my brother). Aaron was over the top excited!! He is really getting to be a big boy - it breaks my heart how fast, too!
As soon as they pulled away Emma and I made …

Kids @ Work

It was Bring Your Kids to Work at the office today! And Emma had a blast! There were all kinds of activities that explained aspects of the oil & gas industry!
And our company in general - the security department had a really cool exhibit & Emma got to control some of the live security cameras we have on campus! Learning about porosity... and electrical current! About assembling a well-head... and how to run a pig through pipe to clean it out.  She also learned about the layers of the earth and how we use casing to protect the land & water. 
And Anadarko is a big supporter of St. Jude and there was a group making tied fleece blankets to take to the kids at St. Jude.  Emma helped to make two.
We also got to see two of the beautiful creatures from the Wildlife Center of Texas. (love the little boy's expression behind the hawk) We took a mid-morning fruit break! She worked a robotic arm to try to grab a piece of candy... and this was a lot tougher than it looked! She earn…

Let them be little...

I had dinner done the other day and called to the kids - they didn't answer right away so I went looking for them...this is where I found them. Sitting in the hallway, playing a board game...oh be still my heart. I pray they're friends and love one another forever and always...I know they're gonna fight because that's what siblings do, but at the end of the day they have a special love for one another that no one will be able to come between.

Oh to keep them little like this forever...

Let them be little 'cause they're only that way for awhile  Give them hope, give them praise, give them love every day  Let them cry, let them giggle, let them sleep in the middle  Oh, but let them be little

Movies, Birthday Parties, & Father's Day...

...that about sums up our weekend!
Friday morning was the last day of VBS for the kids, so while they were there mom & I headed to the salon to get haircuts. LOVE going to get my hair did!! LOL Friday night we gave Michael early Father's Day presents, went out for dinner & then went to see Jurassic World - awesome movie! We all loved it, though Aaron did fall asleep near the end. Our fault for catching such a late showing. Saturday ran errands during the morning & then in the afternoon we headed to the splash pad to celebrate Jagger's 3rd Birthday! We weren't sure the weather was going to cooperate, but turned out to be a good afternoon to play in the water! What a fun group of kids! They all had a blast! And the underwater pictures were going, long can you hold your breath?? This little one was like a fish! Aaron was proud of his new "trick"! Ha Ha! We thought about going to see Inside Out afterwards, but water play does wear you …

Journey Off The Map

The kids have been at Vacation Bible School this week. Today is their last day so they had family night and their program last night!
Ms. Laura always does a great job when it comes to the youth music! Aaron and Emma were both dead center - Emma about half way up and Aaron on the floor of the stage (there were a couple kids in front of him, but you can see him peaking around! LOL).

After the program we went to their classrooms - the decorations at the church and in their classrooms are phenomenal! I wish I had taken more pics, but there were just so many people I didn't many pics at all!
Seeing my girl in these pics I cannot believe how grown she looks!!

They have both been excited to tell us what they've done everyday in VBS and share what they've learned! This year they also got a CD to listen to on the car ride home after they're picked up - every day is a new chapter that starts with a little game/exercise and then they talk about part of their lesson for the day a…