3rd Annual JJ Watt Charity Classic

Sunday, May 03, 2015
And these kiddos had a blast...
As did all these kiddos...

We got a lot of autographs, including JJ's again, and Emma is tenacious about it - she went after those autographs like a champ and filled up her book!!! Gonna have to do something special with them now for her! We got pictures with a few, too (not even gonna make apologies for whatever happened to Aaron's hair that day - his faux mohawk went into frizz overdrive!!).
And Aaron got his own little special photo shoot!! Feigning shyness...ha ha ha!
Back off ladies. He's my little sweetie...for several more years anyway!! :)

Aaron getting our new QB to sign daddy's hat!
And the man himself, the host of the evening, JJ - striding over to sign a few autographs for all his fans!
And we got Hopkins' autograph three times - here's Emma getting him to sign the football...
And Aaron got his autograph on his program...
And at some point Michael got his hat signed, but I missed that photo op!

Post game fireworks were also enjoyed!
And it was actually after all else was over that we got JJ's autograph...or rather Emma got it I should say! She was determined and she got it!

Look how proud she looks!!!
Yeah - Michael is beaming, too isn't he! I'll be surprised if he actually let's the ball (signed by Hopkins and JJ) go up in her room - but she did the work for it, so I think she has rights to it (even though it is really Aaron's ball).
What a great evening...and the JJWatt Foundation is a great cause, too! We've made two of the three of these events and I hope it becomes an annual event for the Kubeczkas, too!