Slumber Parties & T-Ball

Thursday, April 02, 2015
I'm am so posting everything that's been going on out of order...but I guess I can do that, right?

Last weekend Emma had a slumber party - she had three of her BFFs come spend the night. Two of the girls had to get picked up early so I did my best to get them to sleep before midnight - that was not too easy, though as you can imagine! LOL
It's Girls' Night In! Slumber party going down tonight!
And Emma felt that dressing up was certainly called for! :)
Apparently dressing up was the first order of business!!! #SlumberParty
They wanted to make & decorate cookies and I guess that brought out a festive spirit in them b/c Emma made Santa & the Grinch! Ha ha ha!!
Cookie decorating going on - guess it makes them feel like it's Christmas time! LOL Santa & the Grinch!!
Aaron also started T-ball this past week - his team is the Colorado Rockies!
He's so cool!!! ⚾️⚾️⚾️
These boys & girls were so cute!!!! I cant' wait till games start!
Practice 1 was awesome! Aaron kept saying it was "so, so fun!!"
Daddy is pretty excited about this, too - he's helping coach, of course!

Emma is at work with me today - heading into a holiday weekend and she's out of school today. Typically she would be with my parents, but they are out of the she came to work with me instead!

Heading back up to my office she decided she'd rather ride upside down in the elevator! LOL
How else should you ride in an elevator?!?! Working with mommy today!
Well why not, I guess! Ha ha!