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Wednesday, April 08, 2015
My two littles helped water Teta's plants tonight while daddy and I took care of mowing for them while they're on vacation.
 Of course, as soon as Aaron got his little hands on the water hose, his sister ended up drenched! Go figure!! See that mischievous look on his face???
Daddy maneuvered the weed-eater while I pushed the mower!
Mom and dad were in Cologne day before yesterday, yesterday it was Heidelberg, today I think they were in Strasburg today. Next stop will be Breisach, Germany before ending up in Basel, Switzerland - from there they will hop a train to Zurich to spend the rest of their vacation with my cousin and his family. Yeah, must admit I'm a little jelly - would have loved to have made this latest trip with them! Another close family friend and his wife are with them up until they get on the train for Zurich!

This was the pic we got from Cologne! 
They're having so much fun - love to see them enjoy life so!