Celebrating Easter

Saturday, April 04, 2015
This afternoon we went over to Michael's parents' house to celebrate Easter with the family.

I made a new dessert for dinner - well, a new twist on an old dessert. Michael loves dirt cake when our neighbor makes it, so I made one for today, but instead of a bucket and pail and worms it had candy grass and bunnies (peeps) and eggs (jelly beans).
I think it went over quite well!
Last peeps standing!

And there were bubbles...lots of bubbles! I love bubbles, always have. I've always wanted to buy a good quality bubble machine to use at parties, but never have. I remember making our own bubbles when we were kids and we would use string to make them - they were gigantic and lasted much better than the bubbles we buy these days. Though, I bought Gazillion Bubbles this time and I have to say, they were pretty awesome! I just think bubbles are fun and they are fun to take pictures of, too!!
The kids had about a dozen Easter Egg hunts while we were there, too. First we hid for the kids - twice! Then the kids decided to hide eggs for the parents. Then the boys hid for the girls. Then the girls hid for the boys. I think Grandpa & Grandma are most probably going to be finding Easter Eggs for about another week or so! LOL - lucky for them we hid plastic and not boiled eggs!!
And because they're pretty awesome kids, they sat down after to evenly divide out their candy!! ;)
Mine are passed out now - too much fun and candy today!! And they're anxious to see what the Easter Bunny will bring them tonight, too. We will have to get up pretty early tomorrow, too - for the Easter Bunny and then to make it to church on time and we have to stop and get flowers for the cross on the way to church, too.

Mommy is pretty exhausted, too. Allergies are still wreaking havoc on me and have wiped me out today.Waiting on some sudaphed to kick in and bring me some relief so maybe I can sleep good tonight. 

Happy Easter from all the Kubeczka Kids!