Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Super-Funday

Talk about a full day...that's been our Sunday. Shoot, that's been our entire weekend! But this post is dedicated to Sunday and great friends!

Our very dear friends moved away years ago so every time we're able to get together is a great & cherished time! This time around I got in touch with everyone and suggested we boil some mud bugs! For those of you outside the Gulf Coast region, that would mean a Crawfish Boil! It wasn't hard at all to persuade anyone so the planning began. We got everything together and I was even up and out the door before 6:30 this morning to go pick up the bugs and back in time to get everyone dressed and out the door to church.

Then after we made it home we set into action to get everything ready.

Michael and the guys were in charge of boiling and, like always, it was phenomenal!

Kim picked hers out before it even made it into the pot! LOL

Then the eatin began...
Geddo & Teta found a nice cool spot in the shade! :)
And it was amazing seeing all these kids reunited...Gus & Maggie grow so much between every visit!
Rex got to come out for a quick visit, too...
Then it was dessert...
Then time for games and water guns and water balloons...
What a fun day! I got my first good sun of the season, too - nice to have some color again. And I think the kids more than wore themselves out, too. It was hard to say goodbye to our dear friends again, but the the day was a blast!! With real friends you always just pick up like they never left! 

And now that it's all cleaned up we inside and watching Wrestlemania...another big event for the Kubeczkas today! The season finale of The Walking Dead is tonight, too (a big event for me) but family time takes precedent to that so I'll watch that on DVR tomorrow night after we get home from gymnastics! The rest of our evening the four of us will be predicting tonight's matches and cheering on our faves in the WWE! 

Tball season also started for my little man yesterday, too. I'll have another post for that, too! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kubeczkas Lately

The Kubeczkas have been's a quick pictorial view of what's been going on with us!

We aired out the camper and headed to Jellystone to go camping with Yogi and friends for Spring Break. We got rained out this trip and actually even ended up coming home a day early b/c it was so soggy, but we still had a great time. Some of my friends from work were there as well and Emma made some new friends...

This past weekend we celebrated our niece's birthday. I am still in shock that she is already two years old. It just does not seem possible.

I've pulled my needles out again recently, too...making some fun little projects!

Thought my charging cable could use a little dressing!

And I made some hair accessories for Emma, but she was in bed when I finished so I modeled them!

And speaking of hair, today was picture day so we've been practicing our waterfall braid, too. Not to bad - I've only done it a couple times so I hope to improve and find out what works best.

I mentioned the rain, well it's been coming down like crazy for a while we've been very happy to enjoy a little sunshine and nice weather recently. Means we spend all our time outside with friends...riding bikes, playing ball, and of course, eating ice cream!

And yes mommy and daddy indulged - snow cone was perfect!

And just b/c I'm bias and think these two are simply the cat's meow, some poses from Sunday morning before we headed to church.

"Just take one of me mommy!"

You would think wrangling these two, working full time, keeping up with crossfit, and everything else I would sleep so good, but recently I haven't been able to sleep. Needless to say my library is ever growing and I've been flying through the books lately due to my insomnia. Last night I bought some Sleepytime Tea after I left the box (yes, went through HEB sweaty and all) and I think it helped a little. Tonight I really don't think I'm going to have any trouble. I had such a busy day at work today, came home made dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, and I've been just vegging ever since. I'm exhausted. I think if I just shut my eyes in the recliner right now I would be out till morning! Tempting, too!

But I won't - I am going to go lay down now, though. I am not ashamed to say it - it's not even 9:30 and I am exhausted and ready to close my eyes...hopefully all night long, too! G'night!

Saturday, March 07, 2015

It's Rodeo Time in Houston Y'all

And the Kubeczkas made all the rounds today...we spent the day down in Houston and had so much fun! And Aaron made me one proud momma today - he did the mutten bustin today!!! And y'all should have see him! He was grinning from ear to ear!! I was so excited I had to fight back tears of pride and joy - he rode so well. He scored a 93 point ride and there were only two that scored higher than him. Michael was able to get a pretty good video, too. He and Emma found a good spot on the opposite side of the arena since I was back near the shoots with Aaron and had a good view!
And here are a few shots I took from closer in - mostly before he took off! You can see him cheesing in most of them!

Some last minute advice before getting set up...

And off he goes!!!!

What a ride!

See the pride on that face??

Emma braved her own ride today, too - the high flying swings!

Hard to contain

After all that excitement and a couple of shared pulled pork baked potatoes it was time for dessert...and daddy found a chocolate chip cookie bigger than their heads.

Then it was off to visit the livestock! This is my favorite part - there is also a lot of shopping that goes on in there...

This big guy really impressed me - he was HUGE!

Aaron liked watching the judging, too.

That shopping I mentioned? Yeah, well the kids were the only ones that walked away with goodies today. They both are outgrowing their boots so we figured it was time for new ones - and some real nice ones, too! The top of Aaron's are a burnt red - they look great!

Emma said the swings were so scary she just had to do it again, so when we left the arenas we had to make another stop at the swings for her!

And they played a few more games. Emma won the first time and came home with a big stuffed donut!

This time we decided to take in the carnival from high overhead, too - this is my favorite ride!

Everyone looks so tiny!

We had a lot of fun, but it's nice to be off my feet now...we did a lot of walking today. Gonna lay back on my pillow and watch a little TV with Michael if I can keep my eyes open.

Y'all don't forget to set your clocks up tonight either or you'll be late for church tomorrow morning!