My Baby Turned 5 This Week

Friday, February 27, 2015
It's so hard to believe it, but it's true. My baby boy is five years old and this Fall it's off to Kindergarten he goes. **sniff**sniff**

It's bitter sweet - I love to see him grow and learn, but I just want to keep him young forever. He did tell me that he wouldn't have any more birthdays after this one, though. Said he would stop at 5 so that he could be my baby forever. Oh, son, if only you could...if only!

We had a big WWE bash for his birthday. We decided to be home for this one and rented a big blow up ring for the kids. They loved being outside and I was thankful that the weather cooperated with us...for the most part. The forecast called for lots of rain and as we got closer the chance went down, so for most of the party it was just overcast. Then as we were opening presents it started to drizzle just a little so we finished unwrapping under the patio. It didn't last long so they were back in the ring in no time playing again.

So, here's a little picture overload for your viewing pleasure from our WWE party!!
(He got scratched the day before his party at school, so he had a nice little booboo on his nose for all the pics, too!! LOL little boys!)

We had a pinata, too...Aaron got a whack at it, then the two youngest had a few swings...then Emma had her turn and it was all over after that! (She killed it at my nephew's birthday, too - maybe this means we need to get the girl into softball soon!!)

Then it was on to cake and presents!! The best part of any party, right!?!?

He said he loved his party and he had a wonderful time!! Two days later was his actual birthday so he got to pick wherever he wanted to go for dinner...he just said he wanted soup! One of the many, many reasons that I love this little boy with all my heart and soul!! 

We took his Rocking Chair pics this week, too - post to follow soon!!!