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Aaron's 5th Birthday Rocking Chair Pics

So, my annual tradition of pics in the Rocking Chair...the chair that my Grannie gave me when I was pregnant with Emma, and that she herself rocked in's a great way to see my babies growth form year to year and I love keeping Grannie so close to us!
Here are Aaron's 1st through 4th Birthday much as he's grown he still looks the same to me over the years! 
Now here he is...a big five year old!! Still just as handsome as the day we brought him home and sweeter than ever!
Turning into a wonderful gentleman!!

My Baby Turned 5 This Week

It's so hard to believe it, but it's true. My baby boy is five years old and this Fall it's off to Kindergarten he goes. **sniff**sniff**
It's bitter sweet - I love to see him grow and learn, but I just want to keep him young forever. He did tell me that he wouldn't have any more birthdays after this one, though. Said he would stop at 5 so that he could be my baby forever. Oh, son, if only you could...if only!
We had a big WWE bash for his birthday. We decided to be home for this one and rented a big blow up ring for the kids. They loved being outside and I was thankful that the weather cooperated with us...for the most part. The forecast called for lots of rain and as we got closer the chance went down, so for most of the party it was just overcast. Then as we were opening presents it started to drizzle just a little so we finished unwrapping under the patio. It didn't last long so they were back in the ring in no time playing again.
So, here's a little p…

Time for a Makeover

I am wiped out! I was already sore after our workout at Crossfit Thursday night - then I was out Friday hoping for a day to recover, but starting at 7am I was on the go again! After my errands I helped Michael in his garden - we had cleaned out his gardens (vegetable, not flower) the weekend before and now it was time for new dirt. He bought a trailer full of dirt so we carried it wheel barrow by wheel barrow into the back to fill and spread in the garden. Afterward we started on the flower gardens - pulling weeds, redoing the borders, we started the mulch till the day started getting away from us. So, Saturday morning we got up to finish what we started. We also started an additional project...the kids swing set! Over the years the sun has bleached out some of the wood on their play set so we decided along with all the mowing, mulching, and weeding we were doing we also needed to spend 5 hours sanding and staining the play set. I have to admit - it does look very good, though!!

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Let the Good Times Roll!

We drove down to Galveston Saturday afternoon to play at the beach, catch some really cool beads, each delicious seafood, and watch the parades...yeah, it's Mardi Gras time in Galveston!

We had such a fun day - the kids found cool shells on the beach...ran from the waves b/c I kept telling them not to get their shoes wet (it's still chilly down here to bed in wet clothes and shoes)...then made sure to get the attention of everyone up on the balconies throwing beads! Aaron was so cute - he raised his arms up high and kept saying, "Right here! Right here!" Needless to say they all knew right where to throw the beads and Emma and Aaron both racked up! 
It was a good thing they got all those beads when they did, too b/c when it was time for the parades the folks riding the floats really weren't throwing out that many beads - I don't know if it was b/c we were close to the beginning and they were scared to run out before they made it to the Strand or what! LOL
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