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Getting Cozy by the Fire

The kids were in heaven last night! Our dinner: roasted hot dogs & sausage and s'mores for dessert (as well as wine for mommy)!!! They had a blast and when we were done we put up our feet to keep our toesies toasty!! 

Getting My Crafty On

When I was 16 years old I got an antique vanity for my birthday. It's been in my bedroom ever since. Well, this week it finally got a long overdue makeover!!
This is how it looked to begin with... And this is how it looks now after I've been working on it! I think it's a pretty good improvement! We've been in our home 10 years now and every room seems to have gone through a makeover except our bedroom. Actually our bedroom has never really had its own decor. We've painted a wall and got new furniture, but it's always been pretty bare. So, I've finally got a vision for what I want and this is the first step.

I also updated an old mirror that I got from my Grannie's house...I wish I had taken a before picture, though. It was a matte gold color before. You can kind of see the before peeking out in this picture.
And here is the final product...
I love the way this one turned out, too!

I've still got one more project to finish. I hope to complete it this…