Three Down

Thursday, December 04, 2014
Well, I came home from East Texas sick...I went in to work on Monday and pushed through, made it half day Tuesday, and haven't been back since. I was down for the count. I thought I was doing a good job of keeping my kids from getting it, but that was a fail. Aaron started going down yesterday so today we went to the doctor and he tested positive for the flu. So I am sure that's what I had all along. This is the first year since I was pregnant with Emma that I haven't got a flu shot. I won't miss it again!
Now my little man has what I have. We are waiting on the doctor's office to open & make an appointment for him. He woke me up at 3am with a temp of of 104. Being sick is no bueno. 😔
And I have the best pediatrician ever. She gave me meds for Aaron and for Emma, too. The meds for Emma was a preventative - but she said if Emma started showing signs, too then I needed to administer the medicine the same as Aaron. Well, no sooner than we made it home from the doctor than I got a call from the school. Emma had fever. So, now they are both on TamiFlu.
And then there were two!
I am happy that I at least caught them both really early and have the TamiFlu working so we can knock it out quickly. Poor Emma's birthday party is Saturday and it would break my heart if she had to postpone or cancel it. Aaron has been sleeping most of the afternoon so I hope that means the meds are really working on him and Emma didn't get to the point he was before we started her medicine so I hope she doesn't get to that point. I hate seeing my babies sick...and even worse being sick myself while trying to take care of them.

Needless to say the next 24-28 hours we are going to be on lock down around here. And I'm busy scrubbing away all the germs around here, too - when I picked up their meds I restocked on disinfecting products, too b/c I knew I would run out this weekend!

Stay healthy my friends!