Frank's 2014 Visit to the Kubeczka Casa

Monday, December 29, 2014
This year I decided to do all Frank's adventures at our house in one post! If you follow me on Instagram or we're friends on Facebook you've already seen these! Frank didn't get into too much trouble this year, which is a good thing for me!

These are actually in reverse order, so number one listed below is his last day...until next year Frank!
Frank 2014
1. Before heading back to the North Pole for another year, Frank had to read through all our Christmas cards!! #Frank 12/24,
2. BUSTED!! Kids found Frank trying to sneak a peak into their gifts from @cybertoad this morning!! No spoiling the surprise!! #Frank 12/23,
3. Never fails! Every year Frank gets into the kids gingerbread houses the night they bring them home! #Frank 12/22,
4. Since we spent the night at Geddo & Teta's, Frank followed us. We found him looking over Jesus in Teta's nativity! #Frank 12/21,
5. Frank must've been jealous we went to the movies and he didn't get to - he finished off my drink and got into some snacks and watched movies last night! #Frank 12/20,
6. So my coworker in Wyoming sent me these cool candies from up north called Charleston Chews. I've never heard of them, but they're yummy & and I guess being from up north, WAY up north, Frank likes em, too!! #Frank 12/19,
7. Here were a few of his hiding spots!! #Frank 12/18,
8. Frank had the kids combing the house looking for lollipops this morning!!! They found all 12!!! #Frank 12/18,
9. So Frank overheard Emma yesterday talking about turning my car into Rudolph and I guess he agrees with her - this is what he brought us this morning!! #Frank 12/17,
10. Well Emma is sick again. This morning she came to work with me so we could go see the doctor. I guess when Frank heard he hopped in my purse when no one was looking so he could come keep an eye on our patient. #Frank 12/16,
11. And this is where he was last night - he got our rings from the Christmas party. Guess he was jealous he didn't get to see Maroon 5, too!! #Frank 12/14 (Yep, out of order!! Oops!),
12. Wouldn't ya know - Frank wore himself out last night & didn't even have the energy to fly home to the North Pole! He just sat right where he was the day before - all night!! #Frank 12/15,
13. So I thought I heard some racket last night, but Emma confirmed when she ran into our room this morning and said Frank made an airplane and crashed it into our tree!!!! ✈️🎄🎄 #Frank 12/13,
14. Guess Frank did something to anger Cena last night!!! #Frank 12/12,
15. Frank decided he'd build a snowman even if Texas doesn't have snow! He improvised! #Frank 12/11,
16. Emma came running into my room this morning saying, "Mommy Frank is zip lining in the living room!!!!!" I so love the magic kids see at Christmas! I have many magical memories from when I was a kid that I know now my mother "helped along", but even knowin,
17. You'd think being from the North Pole and all that Frank would already know how to ski! Right?? #Frank 12/9,
18. Frank was flying high on Emma's balloons today - he should've thought ahead! Helium balloons don't fly high forever!! #Frank 12/8,
19. Frank wanted in on the Bday fun, too!! #Frank 12/7,
20. Frank decided to get a closer view of the new ornaments since Emma & Aaron got the tree decorated yesterday! #Frank 12/6,
21. Frank got a cold along with the kids...see how he is resting like he's supposed to?? Being a good example! And it's not a bandaid - it's a cold compress in his head!!! Use your imagination! :) #Frank 12/5,
22. Well Frank pinned Roman, but I didn't post that bc I figured I would avoid all the comments about Frank laying on him, holding him down while Cena counted him out! So I posted the post-pinning pic instead!! LOL #Frank 12/4,
23. Frank messed with Daddy's new hat last night!! #Frank 12/3,
24. Frank looks like he was ready to rumble or something! LOL!!! #Frank 12/2,
25. Frank has returned to the Kubeczka Casa! I think tomorrow night we will re-read his story to Emma and Aaron so they don't forget how he reports back to Santa. I'm sure they'll do whatever it takes to stay on the nice list! #Frank 12/1