Monday, December 29, 2014

Frank's 2014 Visit to the Kubeczka Casa

This year I decided to do all Frank's adventures at our house in one post! If you follow me on Instagram or we're friends on Facebook you've already seen these! Frank didn't get into too much trouble this year, which is a good thing for me!

These are actually in reverse order, so number one listed below is his last day...until next year Frank!
Frank 2014
1. Before heading back to the North Pole for another year, Frank had to read through all our Christmas cards!! #Frank 12/24,
2. BUSTED!! Kids found Frank trying to sneak a peak into their gifts from @cybertoad this morning!! No spoiling the surprise!! #Frank 12/23,
3. Never fails! Every year Frank gets into the kids gingerbread houses the night they bring them home! #Frank 12/22,
4. Since we spent the night at Geddo & Teta's, Frank followed us. We found him looking over Jesus in Teta's nativity! #Frank 12/21,
5. Frank must've been jealous we went to the movies and he didn't get to - he finished off my drink and got into some snacks and watched movies last night! #Frank 12/20,
6. So my coworker in Wyoming sent me these cool candies from up north called Charleston Chews. I've never heard of them, but they're yummy & and I guess being from up north, WAY up north, Frank likes em, too!! #Frank 12/19,
7. Here were a few of his hiding spots!! #Frank 12/18,
8. Frank had the kids combing the house looking for lollipops this morning!!! They found all 12!!! #Frank 12/18,
9. So Frank overheard Emma yesterday talking about turning my car into Rudolph and I guess he agrees with her - this is what he brought us this morning!! #Frank 12/17,
10. Well Emma is sick again. This morning she came to work with me so we could go see the doctor. I guess when Frank heard he hopped in my purse when no one was looking so he could come keep an eye on our patient. #Frank 12/16,
11. And this is where he was last night - he got our rings from the Christmas party. Guess he was jealous he didn't get to see Maroon 5, too!! #Frank 12/14 (Yep, out of order!! Oops!),
12. Wouldn't ya know - Frank wore himself out last night & didn't even have the energy to fly home to the North Pole! He just sat right where he was the day before - all night!! #Frank 12/15,
13. So I thought I heard some racket last night, but Emma confirmed when she ran into our room this morning and said Frank made an airplane and crashed it into our tree!!!! ✈️πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ #Frank 12/13,
14. Guess Frank did something to anger Cena last night!!! #Frank 12/12,
15. Frank decided he'd build a snowman even if Texas doesn't have snow! He improvised! #Frank 12/11,
16. Emma came running into my room this morning saying, "Mommy Frank is zip lining in the living room!!!!!" I so love the magic kids see at Christmas! I have many magical memories from when I was a kid that I know now my mother "helped along", but even knowin,
17. You'd think being from the North Pole and all that Frank would already know how to ski! Right?? #Frank 12/9,
18. Frank was flying high on Emma's balloons today - he should've thought ahead! Helium balloons don't fly high forever!! #Frank 12/8,
19. Frank wanted in on the Bday fun, too!! #Frank 12/7,
20. Frank decided to get a closer view of the new ornaments since Emma & Aaron got the tree decorated yesterday! #Frank 12/6,
21. Frank got a cold along with the kids...see how he is resting like he's supposed to?? Being a good example! And it's not a bandaid - it's a cold compress in his head!!! Use your imagination! :) #Frank 12/5,
22. Well Frank pinned Roman, but I didn't post that bc I figured I would avoid all the comments about Frank laying on him, holding him down while Cena counted him out! So I posted the post-pinning pic instead!! LOL #Frank 12/4,
23. Frank messed with Daddy's new hat last night!! #Frank 12/3,
24. Frank looks like he was ready to rumble or something! LOL!!! #Frank 12/2,
25. Frank has returned to the Kubeczka Casa! I think tomorrow night we will re-read his story to Emma and Aaron so they don't forget how he reports back to Santa. I'm sure they'll do whatever it takes to stay on the nice list! #Frank 12/1

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Kubeczkas

Another year is coming to an end and it's always hard to believe how fast time is moving! We had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.

We spent Christmas Eve with the Kubeczka side of the family. I brought stuff for the kids to decorate Christmas trees and I think it was a big hit!
Christmas 2014-6
Christmas 2014-52
This was an easy, fun project I am going to have to remember to do next year!
Yes, that does say JJ Watt on my daughter's plate!!
Christmas 2014-11

I tried to get a picture of all the cousins together...
Christmas 2014-27
Adalynn was ready to move on to something else after just a couple snaps! LOL
Christmas 2014-33
The littlest one usually calls the shots!

Christmas morning our sweet darling babes woke us up at 6:30AM to let us know that Santa had come!! They were so excited to see Santa had eaten their cookies and drank all the milk and left goodies for them! Love to see Christmas magic through their eyes!
Christmas 2014-81
Unwrapping the gifts from Mommy & Daddy!
Christmas 2014-77
And it's become a tradition, especially since my kiddos wake up so early, that after we see what all Santa brought we run out for breakfast...and yes, the kids go in their pjs ususally (Emma can only do that about one more year)! And yes, Aaron is wearing his boots with his pjs!!! I love little boys! LOL
Christmas 2014-97
After everything was open & we'd enjoyed breakfast, the games were on...I love that games from our childhood are back and the kids love them!
Christmas 2014-102
And even daddy got a fun game this year!
Christmas 2014-106
My parents come over for lunch on Christmas Day every year, too and after we ate the games were on again - Teta has a pretty good arm!!
Christmas 2014-108
Then yesterday we had Christmas for the Wells side of the family - my mother's maiden name. And for the first time we let the kids get in on the adult game...they had their own kid pile to choose from. I think they were bored once their turns were up, though! I mean, with nearly 40 people this game takes a while!! I think next year they might go back to playing on their own again!
Christmas 2014-112
This Christmas was our first without Grannie and it was hard. She was with us, though in an amazing way. Grannie kept a quilt journal and for Christmas mother gave each of us grandchildren one of the quilts that Grannie made and a copy of the page in her journal about the quilt. Mine was a Dutch Doll quilt (I need to take a picture of it) and I could not have asked for anything better this Christmas.

This one went to my cousin Chuck - a Double Wedding Ring - I think he might have quilted a few stitches on it when he was little and Grannie was quilting it.
Christmas 2014-134
This is my brother and our cousin with theirs...
Christmas 2014-128
And my sisters with theirs...
Christmas 2014-129
Christmas 2014-130
I didn't get a picture of my other brother with his quilt.

I have several quilts that Grannie has made me over the years for different occasions. She made the Dutch Doll quilt in the 70s when I was very little and in the journal she wrote that it was for me and to eventually pass it on my daughter...Emma is going to have some amazing pieces of her history one day.

We came home early this morning and it's been cold and wet all day. A good day to be lazy. I thought about taking down the Christmas decorations...but instead I played with the ornaments! LOL
Playing around with my ornaments tonight before they get boxed up this week!
JOY!! πŸŽ„
For me??? 🎁🎁🎁 (Last one...promise!)
I love long exposure, twinkling light pictures! I'm off all week so I am sure I'll slowly get the house back in order this week. I have some projects to work on this week, too. I'm redoing our bedroom - taking the decor in a totally new direction...I will post more on that later. And we bought a new table in East Texas that I have to drive back to get one day, so I'll share more on that one, too later.

We had a blessed holiday! I hope you and your family did, too! Now it's time to get this new year rolled in!!!

Monday, December 22, 2014

December is flying by...

and so much has been going on!! Trying to keep everyone healthy, getting ready for Christmas, birthday parties galore, Christmas parties, Church plays, work is so this is going to be my December catch up post!!

We had Emma's 8th Birthday party at her gym this year! I cannot believe I didn't even get a post dedicated to this!!! I am such a bad mommy!!

I can't believe she is 8 already!!!
Emma Turns 8-69
And of course, we have to take pictures in Grannie's rocking chair every year, too - look how big she is now!
Emma Turns 8-111
She looks so grown up!

We also had Michael's company Christmas party and mine in the last week...his we had some serious grub!!
I don't think we will need dinner tonight!! πŸ–πŸ—πŸ·
And he won the President's award! Go babe!
πŸ–πŸ—πŸ·Christmas Party 1 of 2 today! And congrats to my hubby on the President's Award! 🍷
Mine we had some serious entertainment!!
Best Christmas party ever!!!!! Maroon 5!!!
Christmas party!! He is too yummy!!!
Why yes, that is Adam Levine at my company Christmas party!! LOL
Maroon 5 played our event this year and it was crazy!!!
Here's another! You're welcome!!!
I didn't fight to get up close, but we still had a great view! And the entire party was a blast!
Masquerade!!! Okay I had to post some pics other than Adam tonight!! LOL!!

Emma was in a very cute play at church...all the toys came to life and thought they were each the greatest gift ever...Santa told them about Jesus and the real greatest gift of all! Emma played the part of the game Twister! LOL
Twister game for the Christmas play at church! The spinner is on her hat!!

We also celebrated Grandma's birthday this month.
She had helping blowing out her candles and opening gifts! #HappyBirthdayGrandma

I did a photo shoot for this great family!
Few of my faves from the shoot this afternoon! Can't wait to go through all these pics!! Two minute rainstorm didn't even discourage us!!!

Friday night we had another b'day party - this time at the movies!
Movie Time!!!!

Saturday night I had another birthday/holiday party for my BFF! And no one will believe it but we didn't take a selfie! Not one...and that's our thing! Since before selfies were cool she and I always took selfies togther! So no picture for that fun night. :(

And last night this cool group of kids built some fantastic gingerbread houses at my sisters!
Gingerbread Houses 2014-43
Some were serious sometimes...
Gingerbread Houses 2014-15
Sometimes not...
Gingerbread Houses 2014-1
Sometimes they just ate the supplies!
Gingerbread Houses 2014-5
These boys crack me up!!

So it's been a full month already and we haven't even started Christmas celebrations yet! I really needed to catch up a LOT before the Christmas posts start, too!

I'll leave you with a pic of my two babes Sunday after church. I am so blessed to have them both!!
My heart is so full. I'm so blessed!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Three Down

Well, I came home from East Texas sick...I went in to work on Monday and pushed through, made it half day Tuesday, and haven't been back since. I was down for the count. I thought I was doing a good job of keeping my kids from getting it, but that was a fail. Aaron started going down yesterday so today we went to the doctor and he tested positive for the flu. So I am sure that's what I had all along. This is the first year since I was pregnant with Emma that I haven't got a flu shot. I won't miss it again!
Now my little man has what I have. We are waiting on the doctor's office to open & make an appointment for him. He woke me up at 3am with a temp of of 104. Being sick is no bueno. πŸ˜”
And I have the best pediatrician ever. She gave me meds for Aaron and for Emma, too. The meds for Emma was a preventative - but she said if Emma started showing signs, too then I needed to administer the medicine the same as Aaron. Well, no sooner than we made it home from the doctor than I got a call from the school. Emma had fever. So, now they are both on TamiFlu.
And then there were two!
I am happy that I at least caught them both really early and have the TamiFlu working so we can knock it out quickly. Poor Emma's birthday party is Saturday and it would break my heart if she had to postpone or cancel it. Aaron has been sleeping most of the afternoon so I hope that means the meds are really working on him and Emma didn't get to the point he was before we started her medicine so I hope she doesn't get to that point. I hate seeing my babies sick...and even worse being sick myself while trying to take care of them.

Needless to say the next 24-28 hours we are going to be on lock down around here. And I'm busy scrubbing away all the germs around here, too - when I picked up their meds I restocked on disinfecting products, too b/c I knew I would run out this weekend!

Stay healthy my friends!

Monday, December 01, 2014


This weekend we went up to East Texas to see more family for Thanksgiving...I could not believe how warm it was. I was in a sleeveless shirt all day Saturday! I'm happy for the front that came through today, though I don't think it is going to last the week.

I started getting a scratchy throat Friday when we headed up...which has turned into a full blown cold. So yesterday after we made it home I spent the rest of the day in the recliner or in my bed. It isn't gone, but I'm at work today...sniffing & working away! I am just glad it waited until after the festivities Saturday to really hit me hard.

Michael fried up three turkeys this year. One for our house on Thanksgiving Day and two on Saturday for the whole crew. One year I'm going to have to convince his mom to let him do the Turkey for their side, too - it's sooo amazing!!

Anyway - here are a few shots from Saturday. The day was absolutely beautiful!!! 
Thanksgiving 2014-112
Thanksgiving 2014-116
Thanksgiving 2014-104
Thanksgiving 2014-89
Thanksgiving 2014-88
Thanksgiving 2014-78
LOL - this was Teresa's idea mom, I promise!!!Thanksgiving 2014-79
Thanksgiving 2014-44
Thanksgiving 2014-50
Thanksgiving 2014-189