Sunday, November 16, 2014

They Made the Nice List

Aaron just skated by, but he did it...he's on the Nice List this year!!!

We headed to Santa's Wonderland yesterday!
Santa's Wonderland 2014-6
 I don't usually like this much Christmas before Thanksgiving is even here, but our weekends are just filling up already so yesterday was the day!! And Grandma was able to go with us, too.

While waiting in line to see Santa the kids wrote out their Wish Lists - they took this very seriously!
Santa's Wonderland 2014-19
And while waiting in line the Elf also had a chat with them...called them out by name and knew all kinds of stuff about them! They told them they both made the Nice List so they got a certificate for that!!
Santa's Wonderland 2014-18
He made sure to tell Aaron that he needed to improve his listening skills just a little bit, though!!

We shopped, we had hot cocoa, we played in the snow and of course, took a hayride through the woods to see all the lights! This is always the best part!
Santa's Wonderland 2014-47
Santa's Wonderland 2014-50
Santa's Wonderland 2014-55
Santa's Wonderland 2014-59
Santa's Wonderland 2014-22
Santa's Wonderland 2014-30
Santa's Wonderland 2014-61
Santa's Wonderland 2014-63
Santa's Wonderland 2014-65
Santa's Wonderland 2014-66
It's so hard to believe that the holidays are already here again!!!

Howdy & Happy Holidays from Texas!
Santa's Wonderland 2014-28


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