Spooktacular Halloween

Monday, November 03, 2014
I hope you all had a great Halloween - we sure did! I love Halloween - it's so much fun seeing all the kiddos dressed up and the next day I love to see all the pics flying around on social media of friends' kids all dressed up with big on grins on their faces and bags of candy! Very cute!

We load up the kids and friends every year on our trailer and Michael drives them all around the neighborhood! This year Aaron was John Cena and Emma was a wizard - do not confuse her dress with that of a princess now...she is NOT into princesses anyway! Jeez!!!

Halloween 1

Halloween 2

Yes, that is my son walking hand in hand with little Lucy from down the street...how cute are they!?!?

We still have tons of candy left - Mommy is mean and only allows them a couple pieces a day! Ha ha! And we have one neighbor that gave out those giant candy bars - does it every year! It was a fun night and we were up late...and of course, my kiddos had to wake me up early the next day, too! I miss days when I got to sleep late!