Sir Gawain's Plight

Thursday, October 23, 2014
Sometimes as parents it is like we have the same plight as Sir Gawain - only instead of the choice of looks, we have the choice of how our kids act when they're home in private, versus how they act in front of others.

Actually last Sunday I was told by a lady that I was raising my son right as he was holding open the door for her! Awwwee...I know right!! And his Sunday School teacher always tells me how polite and obedient and helpful he is - his teacher at school has told me the same thing.

Yeah, that wasn't the case with him this past Saturday at friend's wedding, though. During the church service Aaron acted up so much that Michael had to take him outside...and he got a spanking for his behavior. Yes - I believe in spanking (when deserved and with restraint)! And I make no apologies for it. I 100% believe if there were more spankings our jails wouldn't have as many residents as they do today! So - he does have his moments!

Emma however is usually always good in church, school, at friends' houses, in public...I honestly cannot remember a time when I was upset about her behavior outside of the house. She has received four notes from school this year about her good behavior - this was the latest one she brought home from her principal. This definitely makes me extremely proud!
She makes me proud daily!!!!
At home, though I have to constantly repeat myself to her it seems - she gets side tracked all the time and I have to come behind her and tell her to do the same thing all over again. Getting her to focus at home is a full time job I feel like. Maybe b/c she is constantly "On" at school when she gets home she just is too tired. It's no excuse, though - but at the same time I ask myself, if she is going to be one way at times and another way other times, which would I rather the world see? Which one would I rather deal with at home?

Ideally I would like her to be the same girl at home that she is at school and everywhere else...but maybe like Sir Gawain if I let her make the choice that is just what I'll get! LOL!!! Doubtful, so I'll just continue to be a parent the best I know how and raise her to be the best Emma she can be all the time! To be honest - my kids do make me proud on a daily basis! And I tell them every chance I get how happy I am to be their mommy! Positive reinforcement does seem to garnish good results - kids strive to repeat actions that bring that positive attention, too - at least mine usually do! I told Emma just yesterday "thank you" b/c I never have had to worry about her at school. She is a straight A student - reads two levels above where she should be - has never had discipline issues...yeah, I'm proud of her! Now, if I could just get her to clean up her room when I ask...pick up the trail of backpack, shoes, socks, jacket she leaves when she comes home...throw away her trash instead of leaving it on the end table, the bar, wherever...that would be the bee's knees!! LOL