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Lunch Date

Aaron and I had lunch at school with Emma today!
We were enjoying our lunch so much we weren't paying attention when Emma's class left out of the cafeteria! LOL

Sir Gawain's Plight

Sometimes as parents it is like we have the same plight as Sir Gawain - only instead of the choice of looks, we have the choice of how our kids act when they're home in private, versus how they act in front of others.

Actually last Sunday I was told by a lady that I was raising my son right as he was holding open the door for her! Awwwee...I know right!! And his Sunday School teacher always tells me how polite and obedient and helpful he is - his teacher at school has told me the same thing.

Yeah, that wasn't the case with him this past Saturday at friend's wedding, though. During the church service Aaron acted up so much that Michael had to take him outside...and he got a spanking for his behavior. Yes - I believe in spanking (when deserved and with restraint)! And I make no apologies for it. I 100% believe if there were more spankings our jails wouldn't have as many residents as they do today! So - he does have his moments!

Emma however is usually always good in chur…

Couple of Busy Weekends...

Every year my neighbor's work sponsors an event at the Pumpkin Patch - it's always a blast starting with a hay ride, roasting hot dogs & making s'mores, crafts, games, and just playtime! This year it was warmer than usual when we went, but still cool enough for our jackets - to be honest, I'm ready for cool weather to arrive in South Texas and stay!

Here are a few pics of our fun evening!

Then this past weekend we had a wedding to attend...if they kids weren't on the dance floor you could find them in the photo booth! They had so much fun and it wore them out pretty good, too!
Selfie-photobomb on the way there!
And can you spot the little photobomb in Mommy & Daddy's photobooth shots!?!?
Bottom left corner!! Hee hee!
This week I am also doing a three day detox. I started Sunday morning - knew it wouldn't be a good idea to be on it during the wedding. Now I had no misconceptions that it would be easy...and while it isn't the toughest thing I'…

Happy Fall Y'all

We got our fall started with a camping trip to Jellystone - this time to the one in Canyon Lake!

Only in South Texas will you see kiddos running around in jackets and bathing suits! LOL
We love going to Jellystone and so far we've only visited the one that's near home...while the one in Canyon Lake was a lot of fun, the one close to us we like so much more! It just has a lot more things for us to do. We did take full advantage of everything the park had to offer and the kids had a blast!

First things first...gotta see Yogi!!

And I know it wasn't funny to her, but there was a little girl nearby when we met Yogi and I really think she may be scarred for life! I don't think I've ever heard a child scream in such terror as this little girl did...I don't think she'll ever return to Jellystone!

One thing new at this park is the giant pillow!! The kids LOVED this thing!

We also took a trip to their Pumpkin Patch and planted Magic Pumpkins.

We planted them earl…