Sunday, September 14, 2014

A lesson in grape leaves...

I grew up eating MiddleEastern food...being that my dad is Egyptian it is't hard to understand why. And my mother, being an awesome cook anyway, makes the best authentic Egyptian food. Living there she learned a lot of good techniques I am sure!

So, even though I ate it all the time growing up, sadly I don't cook any of it very often. Yesterday mom had a dinner party and it was all Egyptian food. A lot of things take quite a bit of prep work so Wednesday when we went over for dinner we helped her get the grape leaves made and Emma got her first lesson in making an Egyptian niece and I got to practice our folding technique, too!!

Mom showing us how to do it the right way!
Making grape leaves
First roll done and pan prepped to hold them all for cooking...
Making grape leaves
Then we got our assembly line going to speed trough the process...
Making grape leaves
Teta showing Emma how to properly roll them up...she was proud of the good job she did!
Making grape leaves
Oh so so yummy and even better homemade!!
Making grape leaves


  1. My godparents are Lebanese and they make these for us for Christmas! Those pics are so sweet.


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