Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Texans Football

We ended a very busy weekend at a friend's house watching the Texans play...well, flipping back and forth between the Texans and NFL Redzone b/c all the guys had to see what else was going on with their Fantasy Football teams, too!!

But everyone was decked out in their best Texans gear...can you tell who is a favorite in the Kubeczka household???
With all the Little Texans showing their team support we tried our best to get a picture with them all together - I tell you it was like herding cats or something! LOL
Lil Texans
But we we got them being their silly, playful selves anyway!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A lesson in grape leaves...

I grew up eating MiddleEastern food...being that my dad is Egyptian it is't hard to understand why. And my mother, being an awesome cook anyway, makes the best authentic Egyptian food. Living there she learned a lot of good techniques I am sure!

So, even though I ate it all the time growing up, sadly I don't cook any of it very often. Yesterday mom had a dinner party and it was all Egyptian food. A lot of things take quite a bit of prep work so Wednesday when we went over for dinner we helped her get the grape leaves made and Emma got her first lesson in making an Egyptian niece and I got to practice our folding technique, too!!

Mom showing us how to do it the right way!
Making grape leaves
First roll done and pan prepped to hold them all for cooking...
Making grape leaves
Then we got our assembly line going to speed trough the process...
Making grape leaves
Teta showing Emma how to properly roll them up...she was proud of the good job she did!
Making grape leaves
Oh so so yummy and even better homemade!!
Making grape leaves

Friday, September 05, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

started off with a bright and shiny new purchase for moi!!
My brand new ride!! #2014 #Durango
I absolutely love it, too!!! Then I had to let her sit at home alone for a few days b/c the hubs and I had a weekend trip to the beach planned and we took his truck. We do at least one adults only long weekend or short trip every year...we did two this year. Our cruise back in the Spring and then Labor Day weekend. We headed to the beach Thursday evening after the all day car buying shouldn't have to take so long!

The rest of the weekend was 100% relaxing, though - there were five couples in the beach house we rented. We played on the beach, went crabbing (ended up with 120 crabs for dinner on our final night), the guys fished, and we just chilled mostly. It was perfect...I did miss my babies terribly and we made plans already to take them next time b/c I know they, well at least Aaron for sure, would LOVE to go crabbing!!! Love the technology time we're in b/c I was able to facetime daily with my loves while we were apart!!

Here are the few pics I took of the weekend - I honestly didn't pull out my camera much b/c I was in total chill mode the entire five days!
"I got my toes in the water..."
Playin on the beach! Missing my littles so much right now, but am enjoying the relaxation and adult time!
Gettin crabby!!!
Beautiful sunset tonight at the beach!
We did have some rainy days while we were there, but it really wasn't that kept it cooler and we saw a double rainbow one evening. Over the past couple of weeks rainbows seem to be a daily sighting actually around here!!
Sun finally made an appearance along with a double rainbow!!    ☔️ to
And like I said - this is one of the greatest things about technology - being able to see my babies daily!
Technology sure makes it a little easier to be away from my babies!!