Our Family Lately...

Friday, August 22, 2014
Well, last weekend the was boys night out...
I know what you're thinking...it isn't fair that I have the cutest little man ever!!!
So while they were gone we had Girls Night In...sort of! We hit up the pool for some fun in the sun...though it was pretty cloudy last weekend to be honest!
Fun in the water while the boys are gone!!!
We ended up playing in the water the next day, too just in the backyard...and no sooner then when we were back in the house did it start storming! Waited just in time for them to finish playing!
Splashin' fun!!
Splashin' fun!!
Splashin' fun!!
This weekend I have a five day weekend and we started it with a follow up to the ENT. Two weeks ago the doctor cauterized Emma's nose. She has had severe nosebleeds for a long time and lately they had even become a daily occurrence, sometimes more than once even!! This has helped so much. In the last two weeks she has only had one VERY minor nosebleed. We were worried if they were going to have to do it again, but the doctor said everything looked good! Yay!
Following up with the ENT. Looking for good news.
To celebrate not having to cauterize it again (it was painful for my baby girl the first time) I let her pick the spot for lunch...Olive Garden! Her favorite place!
And after good news from the ENT lunch of her choice - it's always Olive Garden!!!!
Dessert was had, too!!
And don't forget dessert!!!
After we went to Geddo & Teta's for a while and the kids gave us a puppet show for our after dinner entertainment!!
We got a puppet show today!!
That afternoon when daddy got off work we headed to Emma's school to meet her new teacher for 2nd grade. 2nd GRADE!! How did that happen??? She was just my little bitty baby and now she is such a big girl all of a sudden. 
2nd Grade here we come!!! Excited for our new teacher and the new year!! Time is moving fast!!
Meet the teacher was followed by frozen treats and chalk art...
Finished our good day with frozen treats!
And Aaron shocked me b/c I didn't even know he could write his name yet!! So proud of my baby - he is such a little smartypants!! :)
Not bad for a 4 year old, huh??
Momma indulged a little, too and found a new favorite combination! YUM!
And I found my own new awesome flavor combination tonight, too!!!!
Today we were up early and headed to Wet 'n Wild Splashtown to play in the water for a while...it was perfect weather and it wasn't too crowded so lines weren't bad at all!

Ready to hit the water!!!!
We finished had a quick lunch and came home to clean up then daddy headed for his first Fantasy Football Draft of the year - yes, football time is here again folks! So when he left we headed out for the afternoon. Did a little shopping and had yummy Pho for dinner - so glad my kids like all the yummy stuff I like!

They each had $10 to spend and they spotted the Snackeez cups while we were shopping. I was going to let them hit up the Dollar Store, but when they saw these that was it! What Dollar Store???? They have been asking for these things FOREVER! So, b/c it was their money and I told them they could get whatever they wanted (within reason) and b/c they were so well behaved and really brought their manners (they were even complimented by a stranger) I let them each buy one! So tonight for movie night (we rented Muppets Most Wanted) this is how they are snacking for the movie...
It's movie night and bc they were so good I let them spend their money tonight on something they've wanted for a while to enjoy with our movie!! #Snackeez #MuopetsMostWanted
And what else would we fill our new cups with other than Megawatt!?!? Oh yeah!!!
And what else would they choose to fill their cups with but JJ Gatorade!!! #Texans
So now we're all cozy in the living room watching Muppets and having our snacks enjoying our family evening!

I keep saying I am going to do a better job of posting and I keep doing catch up posts b/c I don't do a better job of posting...sigh, such is life!