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Summer is Over

Emma started 2nd Grade this year!! I cannot believe that summer is over already...or that I saw Christmas decorations out already today, too but that's another post! We finished up our summer with a splash!

Emma and one of her besties - they got to be in the same class this year!
They were worn out pretty good and that was perfect for them to get a good night's sleep before the first day of school! I wish I could say the same for me - don't know what the deal was, but I didn't sleep at all last night! Emma was bright eyed this morning, though and ready for a brand new year!
First day of school she got to ride the bus with her friends - we were missing one. He came out just in time to jump on the bus and go! LOL - first day!!
First day was a success and she loves her new teacher! Yay! Of course, that could be b/c she told the class they wouldn't have home for the first two weeks! LOL

Our Family Lately...

Well, last weekend the was boys night out...
So while they were gone we had Girls Night In...sort of! We hit up the pool for some fun in the sun...though it was pretty cloudy last weekend to be honest!
We ended up playing in the water the next day, too just in the backyard...and no sooner then when we were back in the house did it start storming! Waited just in time for them to finish playing!
This weekend I have a five day weekend and we started it with a follow up to the ENT. Two weeks ago the doctor cauterized Emma's nose. She has had severe nosebleeds for a long time and lately they had even become a daily occurrence, sometimes more than once even!! This has helped so much. In the last two weeks she has only had one VERY minor nosebleed. We were worried if they were going to have to do it again, but the doctor said everything looked good! Yay!
To celebrate not having to cauterize it again (it was painful for my baby girl the first time) I let her pick the spot for lunch...O…