Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Poems From Heaven

No one loved their family as much as you did,
I know that because I felt it all my life.

The cool touch of your hands and the warmth of your heart was my greatest comfort.
Your voice was not strong, but mighty were the words you penned.

You kept us all laughing with your witty humor,
And your sweet tooth was like none other.

I was blessed to belong to you;
Blessed to be your grand-daughter.

You decided it was time to go see PawPaw and I know he's been waiting for you...and though I miss you so very much I will always have you in my heart.

So write poems for me in Heaven Grannie
For one day I'll join you there.


I love you Grannie
1914 - 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Three Day Weekend

I've been out of town most weekends visiting my Grannie, but this weekend we stayed home and it was a non-stop three day weekend. I think that was especially good b/c I got a lot of awesome kiddo time in, but also I didn't have time to sit and think about how things were going in East Texas with my Grannie.

Friday (which was my Friday off) we were up early - I had a hair appointment and we decided to get Emma a new shorter cut, too! I was cringing see all that hair on the ground, but she loves it! And now that's it's done I have to admit I really do think it's pretty cute!!
Emma's new haircut
After we (the girls) got our hair cuts we headed to Bouncing Bears and Emma & Aaron played and did tandem flips and ran and jumped and jumped and jumped!

I would like to say they wore themselves out, but honestly they were still ready to go! We grabbed a late lunch with Geddo (my daddy) and they continued to play at Chick-fil-A for another hour or so...I would love to have that kind of energy again!

Afterwards we made it to get Aaron's haircut, too and a few more errands before heading home. Daddy finally took Aaron's trainging wheels off this bike this weekend, too and I have to say he is a pretty quick learner!

Aaron was so proud & kept asking, "Are you so proud of me?" Oh yes, so very proud!! It's also a good workout for daddy! LOL
Saturday was spent splashing around in the water most of the day and I didn't take a thing with me, so I don't have any pictures at all! The first half of the day we were at Splashtown with the neighbors and the second half of the day we grilled & played outside with our other neighbors! We really are blessed to have such great friends living on either side of us!
When I was in Broaddus I had turned off my Sunday morning alarm clock and forgot to turn it back on, so needless to say we slept late on Sunday and didn't make it up in time for church. After we finally all did get up and moving we headed out to Trader's Village. I haven't been there in years and honestly can't remember if Emma had ever been there. I know Aaron hasn't...they immediately found some fun things they wanted! I was on board with Emma's find - I wouldn't mind that swing on my back porch either, and while Aaron's find was so adorably cute, I am not ready to bring a rabbit into the house!!!
Found some stuff they wanted right away...
I did consent to a few other things they found! We've finally started upgrading Aaron's room to a big boy decor and it's a sports theme of course! So JJ Watt, Nolan Ryan, & John Cena have found their way upon his wall - along with a few other finds! Emma found a nice stretched canvas for her room too with the characters from Frozen and her own little John Cena action figure. I didn't know if she was going to keep it in the package or open it at first, but five minutes after being back in the truck she had it open! LOL
But this is what they left with!
"You can't see me!!!"
"You can't see me!!!!"
Daddy loved all the sports memorabilia, too I have to say...I asked a couple times if he was planning to move into Aaron's room, too!

It was a very, very full weekend and I'm so grateful for all the fun! We had a lot of great family time! This week is also going to be a VERY full week at work, so I hope that means that it moves fast!!

Monday, July 07, 2014

July 4th Weekend

I had a nice long 4 day weekend for the holiday. It was nice to have Thursday off with nothing planned - we had a relaxing first have to the day then got busy working on the kids' rooms. It was like spring cleaning all over again! It was nice to clear out so much of the clutter, though.

Friday we celebrated with neighbors & friends & family. We grilled & popped fireworks and the kids played in the water...it was so much fun!
Had a great time celebrating our Independence Day with all these wonderful littles!! They should all sleep quite well tonight, too!
July 4th
July 4th
The next morning we headed up to East Texas early to spend the rest of the weekend with my Grannie. I haven't posted about it b/c I wasn't sure how things were going to go, but my Grannie (who will be 100 in August) hasn't been doing too well. She's lived alone for 29 years since my grandfather passed away.

Grannie has been very active and lived alone & really has not had any serious health problems until now...but she has been in the bed going on four weeks now and under constant care. The blessing is that she is able to be at home and my mother has been by her side 24/7. My SIL is there daily as well to take care of her and the rest of the family is helping as much as possible. I've been up every weekend except one and am going back again next weekend. In the beginning she needed someone to sit up all night with her, but she is sleeping more now so I just sleep in the room with her and am there if needed and am able to doze off and on through the night - when I'm not there that is what my mother does. I really wish I was ale to be there more to help out, but with the kids and work I am doing all that I can now.

Emma and Aaron love their Grannie and Emma says she understands what is going on - that Grannie is very sick and getting ready to go live with Jesus and that she won't physically be here on Earth with us anymore. She said it would be okay, though b/c when we go to heaven we will be able to be with her again. I nearly cried when she told me that. Even though she seems to understand she is a little apprehensive about it all - she will come in and hug and kiss Grannie hello or goodbye or some stand by her bedside, but you can tell she is trying to take it all in. Aaron on the other hand, just jumps up on the stool next to Grannie and tells her stories or says "Grannie I want to hold your hand..." and he will reach out and take her hand or lean in so she can put her hand on his cheek. It's beautiful.
Aaron telling Grannie stories!!!
The kids sang Happy Birthday to her, too - even though she won't be 100 until next month. In conversation with my SIL she said something about she might not make 100 so my SIL ordered her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and balloons & said, well let's just celebrate now! It was very sweet! So, I guess every day will be her birthday now until the actual day, which is August 15th!!
I brought water balloons and sparklers for them to play with outside and there are lots of adventures in the country - they can't stay quiet all the time so it's good for them to be outside as much as possible, which they love anyway!
Makin' s in the dark!
There is also a super friendly cow in the pasture that I assume was bottle fed. Everytime I go up I see it and feed it and I was anxious for the kids to finally get to...Aaron is the biggest animal lover I've ever met!! Saturday she was out there & the kids got to feed & pet her!
Leaving Sunday was hard. Harder than every other time I've left. I can see how hard it is for my mother and wish I could be there more for her to lean on. You can prepare yourself for these things, but in the end you're never really ready. These two women mean the world to me. I have been blessed to be daughter & granddaughter to them. So much of who I am I owe to these two women.
It was hard to leave them this afternoon. These two women are the world to me & I've been blessed to be daughter & granddaughter to them. I'll see you next weekend!!!

I love you Grannie!