This & That vIG

Monday, June 30, 2014
Playing catch up on my blog again...we're a busy bunch what can I say! Today's catch up will be IG style!!

Emma had VBS last week! This year's theme was Agency D3 - Discover, Decide, Defend! They had a great program Thursday night & Emma was so excited for us to see her sing!
Emma had her VBS program tonight - she did such a great job and was so proud to show is what she's learned!!
Friday night I took wedding pictures for this cute, young couple...
So excited that I got to capture this sweet young couple's special day! God Bless your new family!
It was a nice wedding and a lot of fun! Loved this picture of the little girls sneaking a peak at the kiss - no they weren't prompted!! (I'll have a post with more wedding pics, but there are so many it's going to take me a while to go through them all!)
Sneakin a peak at the kiss!!!
Meet Lizzie - no she doesn't belong to us, though not for a lack of me trying to convince Michael. She belongs next door and currently lives with Rex, a male Bearded Dragon.
Lizzie likes me!! LOL
My neighbors are trying to find Lizzie a new home b/c they really shouldn't be kept together unless you plan to mate them & they do not have plans for baby bearded dragons at the moment!

Aaron loves them, though and Emma even has taken a liking to them and have both said they would like Lizzie to live with us, but daddy isn't quite on the same page!

We hit up the movies this weekend and went to see Transformers in 3D - which was awesome, by the way!!

And we ended our weekend home watching WWE - yes, we are wrestling fans!! LOL Suprised??
Comfy in the living room watching Money in the Bank match! #WWE
Last night was a championship match and my house was loud b/c Cena won & Emma is a huge Cena fan! While it was fun, we were all super sleepy this morning! We will have to make it an early night tonight!