Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, May 12, 2014
Friday was all about relaxation! I started off that morning with a massage...long overdue for one of those...and spent the rest of the day with my mommy! She was going to be gone for the weekend so we celebrated Mother's Day early! I took her out for lunch and then a long, luxurious mani/pedi...it was fantastic!
Mani/Pedi time with my mommy!!!
And when that was over we treated ourselves to some chilling caffeine...
It was the perfect ending to the week and beginning of our weekend!!
Saturday morning I was up early and headed across town for a photoshoot and made it back in time to pick up the fam and go out for lunch - they were ready to get out of the house by that time, too - daddy had them cleaning like Cinderella all morning!!

Sunday we didn't really have any plans - we went to church, then out for brunch, then had a little playtime before visiting Michael's mother...all in all it was a nice relaxing day for all!
Park time fun
I did get showered with one of my faves on Sunday...I love Chanel...it's my all time favorite perfume!
They know my faves!!! #Chanel
Along with some beautiful roses & chocolate covered strawberries...the only thing better was the handmade cards both my babes brought home for me!!

My only disappointment was that I did not get to see my Grannie or my sisters this weekend, but I'm headed to East Texas this coming weekend to see them all and my brothers, too - I am looking forward to the weekend! Can't wait to get out to the country for a few days and chill. I feel like I've been go go go nonstop for months and this will be such a good break!