Beginning of a long weekend...

Friday, May 23, 2014
Today was my Friday off & since Monday is a holiday - that means a four day weekend for me! I'm ready for it!! Michael took off today, too so while the kids were at school today he and I had a day date! We started off bright and early taking the kids to school then headed to Cracker Barrel for b'fast with my niece. After we fueled up we headed over to Top Golf and hit balls for a couple hours over some bloody marys...I have to say my first game was my best. It was downhill from that, though!! From there the two of us headed to Splashtown and had some good times in the water before heading to pick up my babies. It was a fun day date...but the evening was a blast too with the kiddos!

Around dinnertime we headed downtown - we didn't tell the kids what we had planned so they didn't know what was up till we rolled up to the valet at the Downtown Aquarium! Needless to say they were excited!! We had a blast - spent a few hours looking at everything there was to see, petting the sting rays, checking out the tigers, and riding the train to see the sharks! I never heard "Mommy look!!!" so many times!! LOL

Today was fun...and wore us all out, too!!! Emma was crashed out by the time we were home...Aaron tried to act like he was wide awake, but the second his head hit the pillow he was out cold, too!

We've got three more days to play - we'll see what we can get into!!!