Sunday, May 25, 2014

More Memorial Weekend Fun

Saturday we slept long as possible with my two little early risers...then we hit the waterpark for some fun in the sun! We have season passes and it's only about two miles from our house so it's pretty awesome fun for the summer. Plus this year they've totally remodeled and revamped a lot of the park - one area being the kid zone. They have three new slides just for the kiddos - they were a hit!!!
After getting worn out at the park we came home to cook dinner and I guess it wasn't enough water fun b/c the kids broke out the water guns & got soaked again in the back yard...dried off from that for a second time then headed out to play with friends in the front and yep, ya guessed it...water guns came out again and were soaked yet again! Needless to say it was a water fun day! We also got to meet our neighbor's new pets...they have two bearded dragons that are pretty awesome! Aaron got very friendly with one...

This morning we headed to church, where we had a great tribute to our military, and after brunch out we headed to Top Golf to hit with my parents and our friends. I think it's safe to say that it's going to be dangerous that this new Top Golf is only about 5 miles from the house - we are going to be there all the time! We planned our next trip before we even left! Ha ha!

And I have to say after tips from my mom about my grip and from my dad about my swing I have a pretty awesome drive! :) Michael better watch out - I think I will be beating him pretty soon! LOL

Now we have the kids down to sleep after filled their bellies and Michael and I are sitting down for a movie! We've been catching up on movies this weekend - something we never get to do - and it's been great! Soooo...time to sign off! G'night!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Beginning of a long weekend...

Today was my Friday off & since Monday is a holiday - that means a four day weekend for me! I'm ready for it!! Michael took off today, too so while the kids were at school today he and I had a day date! We started off bright and early taking the kids to school then headed to Cracker Barrel for b'fast with my niece. After we fueled up we headed over to Top Golf and hit balls for a couple hours over some bloody marys...I have to say my first game was my best. It was downhill from that, though!! From there the two of us headed to Splashtown and had some good times in the water before heading to pick up my babies. It was a fun day date...but the evening was a blast too with the kiddos!

Around dinnertime we headed downtown - we didn't tell the kids what we had planned so they didn't know what was up till we rolled up to the valet at the Downtown Aquarium! Needless to say they were excited!! We had a blast - spent a few hours looking at everything there was to see, petting the sting rays, checking out the tigers, and riding the train to see the sharks! I never heard "Mommy look!!!" so many times!! LOL

Today was fun...and wore us all out, too!!! Emma was crashed out by the time we were home...Aaron tried to act like he was wide awake, but the second his head hit the pillow he was out cold, too!

We've got three more days to play - we'll see what we can get into!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekend in East Texas

We had a great weekend in East Texas!! Michael had a softball tournament so just the kids and I headed up with my parents to see my sisters and my Grannie. The weather was perfect, too - we were outside all weekend! We stayed at my sister's lake house and they have 26 acres of beautiful land and the kids took advantage!

They were outside before they even got out of their pajamas...and didn't come back in till I made them!

Coffee on the back porch every morning watching the water on the lake was the best - so relaxing...and good for snuggling in rocking chairs!

And the kids got to spend some time with Grannie - she is going to be 100 in August! Doesn't she look awesome...and she still lives alone in her house!

We spent some time downtown and found a cool coffee bar - it's been a while since I've been there and there were a lot of new little boutiques. It was fun to explore!

We didn't want to leave today...after church we came back to my sister's and enjoyed as much of the afternoon as we could before we absolutely had to leave...but it's back to school and work tomorrow.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday was all about relaxation! I started off that morning with a massage...long overdue for one of those...and spent the rest of the day with my mommy! She was going to be gone for the weekend so we celebrated Mother's Day early! I took her out for lunch and then a long, luxurious mani/ was fantastic!
Mani/Pedi time with my mommy!!!
And when that was over we treated ourselves to some chilling caffeine...
It was the perfect ending to the week and beginning of our weekend!!
Saturday morning I was up early and headed across town for a photoshoot and made it back in time to pick up the fam and go out for lunch - they were ready to get out of the house by that time, too - daddy had them cleaning like Cinderella all morning!!

Sunday we didn't really have any plans - we went to church, then out for brunch, then had a little playtime before visiting Michael's mother...all in all it was a nice relaxing day for all!
Park time fun
I did get showered with one of my faves on Sunday...I love's my all time favorite perfume!
They know my faves!!! #Chanel
Along with some beautiful roses & chocolate covered strawberries...the only thing better was the handmade cards both my babes brought home for me!!

My only disappointment was that I did not get to see my Grannie or my sisters this weekend, but I'm headed to East Texas this coming weekend to see them all and my brothers, too - I am looking forward to the weekend! Can't wait to get out to the country for a few days and chill. I feel like I've been go go go nonstop for months and this will be such a good break!