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HAPPY EASTER (and a little catch-up posting)'s been a while since my last post...a while!! That always happens, though and then I'm playing catch up, big time! So that means a long post of pictures today! :) I think I'll just be talking about two things, though - our vacay and Easter!
So, early in the month Michael and I had a little get-away. We took a cruise to Mexico, Belize, & Honduras. We shopped, relaxed on the beach, zip-lined (which was my favorite part) and went cave tubing! We also had pedicures done my little fishes...yes, we put our feet in a tank of water and let the fish eat away at them! It was one of the coolest and weirdest things I've ever done - definitely for Michael, too. I had to convince him to do it!! And after we got massages lying on the beach - all massages going forward I think will lack now!! :)  
It was hard to leave the kids for that long and I had a few mommy moments where I really just wanted to get home to them, but we stayed busy enough that it kept my mind off it…