Mardi Gras

Sunday, March 02, 2014
Friday night we took an impromptu road trip and headed down to Galveston for the night - had a fun dinner at Rainforest Cafe & got up early to enjoy Mardi Gras with the kids! We hit up the first parade at 11am and then played around Galveston for the day before watching the biggest parade at Mardi Gras that evening! The kids had a blast - so did we - and we have enough beads now to have our own parade! LOL
Here are a few pics from our first parade that morning!
Mardi Gras 2014
We spent some time during the day at the park, too...they loved this seesaw - I have to say I had never seen one like this before, either!
After some playtime re-energized us and some dinner we headed down to where all the action was for the next parade. We stopped to get some beads from the balcony partiers first - Emma thought this was awesome. And I have to say she was good at getting their attention I guess b/c she racked up on the beads! I mean she is a cutie pie after all!! LOL - and atop her daddy's shoulders she had a good view, too!
This was just when she was starting out, too - by the end of the parade I don't know how she was walking upright with all the beads she had around her shoulders!
Mardi Gras 2014
The parade was awesome - I took so many pics of all the floats, too many to post them all!! And we made the local news, too - our spot on the parade route was right next to the news crew so we saw ourselves several times when we watched the parade coverage later that night when we made it home.
Mardi Gras 2014
It was an awesome time and I have to say we slept great last night!!

Then today after church we went to my parents' house to celebrate my mother's birthday.
Happy Birthday Teta!!!!
We took dinner over and I made a super yummy peach cobbler - I have to say it was super yummy and made for a good birthday cake! Happy Birthday Mommy - we love you bunches and bunches!

Now it's time to start another week - but then we have spring break!!! WooHoo!! And I'll sleep good again tonight - it's been a super busy weekend!