Lost, but Found again!

Friday, March 07, 2014
So since Aaron was a baby...as in just a couple days old...
Blankie & Baby
he's had this blankie! It was just a taggie blankie that I bought for him and mother embroidered a giraffe and his name on it. This blankie has been through a LOT with my son. It doesn't look quite as bright and shiny anymore, that's for sure. He has slept with it every night...and for naps!
Blankie Collage
And for a while it shared the spotlight with Barney at the baby sitter's house - everytime I would pick up Aaron he would be napping on Barney with his blankie in hand!
Blankie & Barney
And usually the blankie was in one hand and his two fingers from his left hand were in his mouth. This poor blankie has been through the ringer...but it's always been there. And went everywhere, too - it was always with us on trips near or far.

So, you could say this blankie is pretty special & I had plans for it once Aaron outgrew carrying it everywhere and sleeping with it. Well...on his birthday, which was February 23rd, we got up and went to church and the blankie went with us. Granted it stayed in the car during services, but was there waiting on Aaron when we got back in the car. When we arrived home he brought it into the house with him ---- and that was the last we saw of it. We left that afternoon to go to his birthday party and we didn't take it, but didn't think anything about it. Just figured it was somewhere in the house. We arrived home that night and checked the usual hiding spots, but it didn't turn up. Emma graciously lended Aaron her blankie from when she was a baby to sleep with till we located his, as she's done before when it was too late to hunt for it or if we'd mistakenly left it at the sitter's or my parents' house.

Well, days passed and we still haven't located the blankie. Aaron was actually okay without. He told me he was a big boy now (you know b/c he was now 4) and that he didn't need it to sleep anymore. Michael made fun of me for obsessing over finding this blankie at first, but when he realized how heart broken I was b/c I'd lost something so dear to my baby boy that I'd wanted to keep he would help me look for the blankie.

Finally I'd just given up - very sad that I would not have this for the next 50 years to hang on to as a piece of Aaron's baby days. It was gone. Nothing to do about it. We'd been remodeling and I'd pretty much decided it had been thrown away with all the clean up efforts and the trash truck had hauled it away.

THEN Wednesday night I went upstairs to check the play room one more time. I had already looked all over the play room before and supposedly the kids had, too but we never found it. I don't know why, but before I could put the kids to bed I just wanted to look once more with their help. And there it was - behind the big toy box in the corner!!!! On his birthday after we got home from church I'd gone upstairs with Aaron to take his picture in the rocking chair - what I do every year on their birthday - and he'd taken it up, too and guess it got left behind when it was out of sight! I couldn't believe it! I screamed down to Michael that I'd found it and I swear, as corny as it sound, I cried a little, too!!!! I was just so overjoyed that I'd found it!!!

It may not look as bright and shiny anymore - after all it's been through a lot with my all-boy baby boy...
but now that I've found it and he's outgrown sleeping with it's on to its 2nd life! Aaron and I took it to my mother this morning and she and I are going to figure out a project for this blankie so I'll always Aaron will always have it with him!

For me, it was a Pink Elephant named Dumbo - I slept with him so long with my arm around his neck that the stuffing is all gone from that spot! My kids have Dumbo now. What about you or your kiddos - what's that one special thing from their baby days you'll never get rid of?