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Lost, but Found again!

So since Aaron was a in just a couple days old...
he's had this blankie! It was just a taggie blankie that I bought for him and mother embroidered a giraffe and his name on it. This blankie has been through a LOT with my son. It doesn't look quite as bright and shiny anymore, that's for sure. He has slept with it every night...and for naps!
And for a while it shared the spotlight with Barney at the baby sitter's house - everytime I would pick up Aaron he would be napping on Barney with his blankie in hand!
And usually the blankie was in one hand and his two fingers from his left hand were in his mouth. This poor blankie has been through the ringer...but it's always been there. And went everywhere, too - it was always with us on trips near or far.

So, you could say this blankie is pretty special & I had plans for it once Aaron outgrew carrying it everywhere and sleeping with it. Well...on his birthday, which was February 23rd, we got up and went to ch…

Mardi Gras

Friday night we took an impromptu road trip and headed down to Galveston for the night - had a fun dinner at Rainforest Cafe & got up early to enjoy Mardi Gras with the kids! We hit up the first parade at 11am and then played around Galveston for the day before watching the biggest parade at Mardi Gras that evening! The kids had a blast - so did we - and we have enough beads now to have our own parade! LOL
Here are a few pics from our first parade that morning!
We spent some time during the day at the park, too...they loved this seesaw - I have to say I had never seen one like this before, either!
After some playtime re-energized us and some dinner we headed down to where all the action was for the next parade. We stopped to get some beads from the balcony partiers first - Emma thought this was awesome. And I have to say she was good at getting their attention I guess b/c she racked up on the beads! I mean she is a cutie pie after all!! LOL - and atop her daddy's shoulders sh…