IG Lately...

Monday, January 06, 2014
I didn't do a NYE post and well, frankly, we've been busy...as usual! But I think now that our routine is back on track - kids back to school, us back to work - other than moving my parents (which we finish tomorrow), we are going to have a little breathing room now. Phew!

So, I thought I'd do a quick IG post about what's been going on...

If you follow me on IG these will be familiar!!

Starting from the top left - 1) that's the kids playing on the ramp of the UHaul while we loaded boxes from my parents' house for their move. 2) Emma - being too cool in my shades!!! We all got covered in some red sands from Mexico about a week or so ago and my poor truck was being neglected - so we took it to the car wash to get some pampering - 3) the kids love to watch the car wash! They also had a dental visit over their break - it was actually Aaron's first time to go and he was so great! You'd think he was a veteran - he jumped up on the chair and 4) showed 'em his pearly whites! New Year's day we made the traditional (Southern tradition) 5) black eyed peas, cabbage, and ham (pork chops) - so we'll be healthy & wealthy in the new year! ;) The 6) b&w is just a snap of my kids snuggling up together being cute watching a cartoon! The 7) gym pic was the final WOD of the year at our box...we had to snap a pic of the group before leaving! Next pic is 8) Emma using one of her Christmas presents - she loves art and she is pretty good so my dad bought her a complete set up paints, canvases, brushes, apron - everything she needs to create some beautiful art! And lastly - the kids were fighting one day so Michael made them stand and 9) hug for two minutes straight - it was pretty funny actually! Got them over their argument, though so it was effective and something we'll do again!

So, that's life lately through IG! Tonight we have gymnastics and my parents are staying with us since their old house is bare and they don't close on their new house until tomorrow...so that's what we will be doing tomorrow night - moving them in! They are going to be 4 miles from us - it takes less than 10 minutes to get there - we are all pretty stoked about it! Mom is actually overwhelmed and ready for it to be done. She isn't used to her home being in disarray - it's usually very clean & neat & tidy!! The mess is stressing her out! I wish I had inherited that trait from her. LOL