2nd Day of H-Town's 2 Day Winter

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Houston doesn't see much winter...and this year has been no exception. But last Friday we had a freeze and all the schools shut down & our offices. I know the Northern states probably get a good laugh at that, but Houstonians aren't used to driving on ice & with all the overpasses we have they get covered in ice when we get a freeze like that!

We had another one that was supposed to hit today and be even colder...it's been cold, but didn't freeze like they thought, but the schools & our office had already made the decision to shut down last night so we had another "snow day" today, too. We did get more white roofs this time which were pretty! Most of it was sleet, but it was still very pretty! And we did have pretty icicles in the backyard!!

My hometown a little further north actually got quite a bit of snow, which is also rare - I've been jealous seeing all the great snow pics friends & family have been posting up there on Facebook! It's absolutely beautiful and it looks like everyone has been having a blast playing in it!!

Tomorrow it's back to school & work! Even though the office was closed, I did actually work from home (and on the road) today...so I am ready to get back before it piles up too much more!