Recent Photo Shoots

Friday, December 06, 2013
I've been busy with two little babies lately - Blake & Blakely!! Yes, both girls & not related - I have to catch myself to make sure I'm using the right name! LOL

Miss Blakely is 4 months old - I did her first shoot a few weeks ago, but she wasn't a very happy camper, so we cut it a little some cute pics, though...
Sneak peak of Miss Blakely!!!
So, last weekend I went back to finish our shoot! She was a lot more pleased about this 2nd session and daddy was there this time, too so we got shots of the whole family!
Blakely Collage
Miss Blake is now 9 months old - I got to shoot her 3 month & 6 month shots...and Sunday I'm going to take her 9 month pictures! I can't wait - she's sitting up on her own now and crawling around a bit I think so we'll have a fun time!
Beautiful Blake 6 Months
A couple weeks ago I also took the kids to Old Town Spring to take pictures - I wasn't planning to use them for our Christmas card so we weren't dressed for the holidays, but I really like how the pictures turned out so I used them after all! I can't wait till the cards get here. I had hoped they would be here today, but sadly I haven't received them yet. Maybe tomorrow.
Kids in OTS
The weather here this weekend is awful - wet and cold. I wanted to take Blake out Sunday, but I don't think it's going to happen now...winter has finally arrived in Houston. We'll see for how long! We left yesterday morning in 80 degree weather and by the time lunch came around it was nearly 40! Today it's been in the 30's. Weather here is like a rolling coaster this time of year!!