Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

My baby girl is SEVEN years old today!!! I cannot believe it - I know it's cliche, but time really does fly by way too fast!! Saturday we had a painting party for her. It was a tough weekend being that it was a holiday weekend and lots of kids were out of town, but that didn't keep her from having a blast! She had so much fun painting with friends...
Emma's 7th Birthday
...and believe it or not, playing in a ball pit. I guess they're never too old.
Emma's 7th Birthday
Emma's 7th Birthday
Showing off their masterpieces!
Emma's 7th Birthday Emma's 7th Birthday
Teen Beach Movie is a current fave at our house!
Emma's 7th Birthday
Being silly - they all "buried" each other under the balls!
Emma's 7th Birthday
I thought everyone's pieces turned out awesome!!!
Emma's 7th Birthday
This morning Frank, our Elf, had a surprise for Emma - he made balloon animals last night for her and Aaron! He made a butterfly, a crown, a sword, a puppy, and a flower...I think he did a pretty good job for having such small hands! LOL Frank had a balloon making party tonight to surprise Emma in the morning for her bday! Yes - he learned on YouTube how to make a butterfly, puppy, flower - he improvised on a sword and crown, too!! #Frank 12/3
I even let her have bday cake for breakfast this morning!!!
Happy birthday to my SEVEN year old!!!!!!


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