Blake ~ Christmas 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013
We missed Miss Blake's 9 month photoshoot (sick kiddos, bad weather, sick adults...), but we caught up and got her 10 month and Family Christmas pics all rolled into one photoshoot! I have to say, in the few months since I've seen her this little girl's personality has really blossomed! She was smiling and laughing and talking so much!! It was a very fun photoshoot!!

And hubby got to see me work, too. He was running errands with me last Thursday and I told him he had to be my assistant for the photoshoot b/c I wasn't going to drop him off at home and drive back out to the Kirby house, then back to our house to get him and finish our errands. No way! Too much driving! Honestly...I think he head fun! And he was a pretty good assistant, too - LOL!

She isn't really standing all that well on her own yet, but we caught the 2 seconds she did stand tall - and that was all wee needed! Ha ha!