Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Christmases 2013

It's been a great Christmas season for the Kubeczka's this year...very full, but also very fun! We started Christmas Eve at my in-law's house...
It was awesome watching the kids tear into their gifts...Adalynn really got into her gifts!! LOL

The cutest time was watching the big girls primp her and play with her little light up vanity set!

This was a favorite gift for's a tile with custom lettering my MIL had made for us.

We had a lot of outtakes for this shot...LOL...I thought about posting them all just for the laugh!

Christmas Day Emma was the first one up - Aaron actually got up earlier, but just moved from his bed to ours & went back to sleep! Later Emma woke us up to let us know that Santa had paid us a visit!
Speaking of Santa - does he wrap gifts he brings to your house?? Santa doesn't wrap the gifts he leaves at our house, only the gifts from Mommy & Daddy - just curious what everyone else does.

Means they get to play with Santa gifts without waiting on us to take them out of the box or put them together if needed...but they also end of with a pile of wrapping paper to get buried in! LOL

Geddo & Teta (my parents) always come over Christmas day for lunch, too!

That afternoon we had our 3rd family gathering at Michael's grandparents' house...three Christmases in two days and we weren't done yet!
My family is big...big! So our get together with the entire family is usually one weekend after Christmas - so yesterday we headed to East Texas. We were missing quite a few folks yesterday, but managed to get a good family shot with those who made it. The last time we got a good family shot was Thanksgiving three years ago (with around 50 people, yesterday we had 37) - it was long overdue!

We had a bonfire, too and Aaron helped with the firewood!

The kids had fun exploring with their Aunt Donna!

Geddo & Teta went exploring through the woods with us, too!! CUTE!

This is my mommy & one of my sisters...

and mommy and all her kids...
This was my Grannie's 99th Christmas...and she is still living in her own house all by herself! My sister's MIL (left) does stay with her a few nights a week and my brother lives about 300 feet away from her, but technically she does still live on her own! Count your blessings!!

We had a wonderful Christmas season with our family - hope you did, too! I have the next week off to get our house back in order...but I'll also be helping my parents with their move and we have dentist appointments to get to this week. It'll be nice to be away from work for a bit, but it won't be a staycation by any means!

 I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas - can't wait to see what the New Year has in store for us all!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Blake ~ Christmas 2013

We missed Miss Blake's 9 month photoshoot (sick kiddos, bad weather, sick adults...), but we caught up and got her 10 month and Family Christmas pics all rolled into one photoshoot! I have to say, in the few months since I've seen her this little girl's personality has really blossomed! She was smiling and laughing and talking so much!! It was a very fun photoshoot!!

And hubby got to see me work, too. He was running errands with me last Thursday and I told him he had to be my assistant for the photoshoot b/c I wasn't going to drop him off at home and drive back out to the Kirby house, then back to our house to get him and finish our errands. No way! Too much driving! Honestly...I think he head fun! And he was a pretty good assistant, too - LOL!

She isn't really standing all that well on her own yet, but we caught the 2 seconds she did stand tall - and that was all wee needed! Ha ha!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Kids Christmas Party & Santa Town (lots of pics)

Saturday was a FULL day!! Fun...but full!

First thing in the morning we headed to my office for the annual Kids' Christmas Party...which was a blast like always! Pics with Santa, face painting, balloon animals (in our case a fishing pole and a flower), dancing, games, snacks, cookie decorating...there was a lot to do!
APC Kids Christmas Party
APC Kids Christmas Party
APC Kids Christmas Party
APC Kids Christmas Party
APC Kids Christmas Party
APC Kids Christmas Party
APC Kids Christmas Party
When the party was over we headed home to get all bundled up and headed out for Santa Town! We stopped on the way for lunch and went to College Station, first - had to show Michael some of the places we used to frequent during my college years! ;)
After the short trip down memory lane we headed into Santa Town - this was our first visit, but I know it won't be our last! It was c-c-c-cold, but so much fun and the lights were so beautiful!! Snow, hot cocoa, kettle corn, live music, s'mores, shopping, bonfires, longhorns, Santa, hayride through all the lights...uh-maz-ing! We had so much much that the kids didn't make it five minutes down the road before they passed out cold!
Santa Town
Santa Town
Santa Town
Santa Town
Santa Town
Santa Town
Santa Town
Santa Town
Santa Town
Santa Town
Santa Town
Santa Town
Santa Town

Friday, December 06, 2013

Recent Photo Shoots

I've been busy with two little babies lately - Blake & Blakely!! Yes, both girls & not related - I have to catch myself to make sure I'm using the right name! LOL

Miss Blakely is 4 months old - I did her first shoot a few weeks ago, but she wasn't a very happy camper, so we cut it a little some cute pics, though...
Sneak peak of Miss Blakely!!!
So, last weekend I went back to finish our shoot! She was a lot more pleased about this 2nd session and daddy was there this time, too so we got shots of the whole family!
Blakely Collage
Miss Blake is now 9 months old - I got to shoot her 3 month & 6 month shots...and Sunday I'm going to take her 9 month pictures! I can't wait - she's sitting up on her own now and crawling around a bit I think so we'll have a fun time!
Beautiful Blake 6 Months
A couple weeks ago I also took the kids to Old Town Spring to take pictures - I wasn't planning to use them for our Christmas card so we weren't dressed for the holidays, but I really like how the pictures turned out so I used them after all! I can't wait till the cards get here. I had hoped they would be here today, but sadly I haven't received them yet. Maybe tomorrow.
Kids in OTS
The weather here this weekend is awful - wet and cold. I wanted to take Blake out Sunday, but I don't think it's going to happen now...winter has finally arrived in Houston. We'll see for how long! We left yesterday morning in 80 degree weather and by the time lunch came around it was nearly 40! Today it's been in the 30's. Weather here is like a rolling coaster this time of year!!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Emma's 7th Rocking Chair

Every year on their birthday the kids sit in the rocking chair I got from my Grannie when I was pregnant with Emma and I take their picture. I think it's awesome way to watch them grow. This year looking back on Emma's past 6 pictures I got a little teary eyed I must admit...just from last year she's changed so much to me!!!

This is Emma's picture this year at 7... Emma turns 7
And here are her past 6 pictures...*sniff* *sniff*
Emma 1-6
It's amazing how much a year changes things! She looks like such a "big kid" now...

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

My baby girl is SEVEN years old today!!! I cannot believe it - I know it's cliche, but time really does fly by way too fast!! Saturday we had a painting party for her. It was a tough weekend being that it was a holiday weekend and lots of kids were out of town, but that didn't keep her from having a blast! She had so much fun painting with friends...
Emma's 7th Birthday
...and believe it or not, playing in a ball pit. I guess they're never too old.
Emma's 7th Birthday
Emma's 7th Birthday
Showing off their masterpieces!
Emma's 7th Birthday Emma's 7th Birthday
Teen Beach Movie is a current fave at our house!
Emma's 7th Birthday
Being silly - they all "buried" each other under the balls!
Emma's 7th Birthday
I thought everyone's pieces turned out awesome!!!
Emma's 7th Birthday
This morning Frank, our Elf, had a surprise for Emma - he made balloon animals last night for her and Aaron! He made a butterfly, a crown, a sword, a puppy, and a flower...I think he did a pretty good job for having such small hands! LOL Frank had a balloon making party tonight to surprise Emma in the morning for her bday! Yes - he learned on YouTube how to make a butterfly, puppy, flower - he improvised on a sword and crown, too!! #Frank 12/3
I even let her have bday cake for breakfast this morning!!!
Happy birthday to my SEVEN year old!!!!!!