Halloween (the IG version)

Friday, November 01, 2013
Whoa...I think I went the entire month of October without a post...I don't know where the time is going, but there just does not seem to be enough of it these days..

A couple nights ago Emma & Aaron worked on their Jack-O-Lantern. I think Emma really likes to play in the ooey gooey part! LOL! They were pretty proud of their spooky pumpkin!
And we had some yummy munchies from that ooey gooey part, too! I love roasted pumpkin seeds!
Yummy treat from carving our pumpkin!!
We The kids were so lucky the weather finally decided to act right and quit raining and storming so the trick-or-treating could commence last night!

The Kubeczka kiddos went as Monster Bride...
My Monster Bride
and Donatello (there was no question what Aaron would choose this year)!
Emma & I tried to convince him to be JJ Watt and she was going to be a Texans Cheerleader, but he wasn't swaying from his first costume choice!

(I have more Halloween night pics from my camera to follow later...)

All the kids made out like bandits last nigts on candy, which can only lead to one thing... 
Sugar Crash!!

Okay so they totally posed for this picture, but I thought it was funny and actually wasn't far from the truth - they said they wanted to stay up late, but I think they were both snoring before we finished tucking them in to bed last night after all the trick-or-treat fun!
Sugar crash! (They totally posed for this picture! It was too cute, though!)
They really loved their costumes this year...honestly, I thought they were pretty cute myself!
Emma liked hers so much, this is how she came into my room this morning - tutu & tights from her costume & a Hello Kitty shirt. Did I let her go to school in her costume. Well, of course I did!!!! (Pretty cool to get the extra wear out of it, too - hee hee)