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Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We spent last Sunday with Michael's side of the family and hosted Thanksgiving at our house yesterday!

My SIL got a pic of the entire group...I'll have to link to it when she has it posted!! Here are the guys, though with all the kiddos!
The kids all had a blast playing together...sweet Adalynn wasn't feeling the photo op when I got all the kids together...
She didn't mind have the camera all to herself, though - can't believe how fast she is growing! Isn't she precious!!
Aaron really loves the babies!! He was so sweet with Adalynn!
These girls are getting big, too - hard to believe that in less than a week Emma will be 7 years old!!
We cooked it up again Thursday - Emma helped in the kitchen...
While daddy took care of the turkey...
It was all super yummy!!
Emma got a new dress (early bday present) yesterday, too from Teta & Geddo so she had to model it for me...with little brother, too of course!
It was anothe…

More Halloween

As promised here are more pics of my Monster Bride & Donatello...

This is most of the gang - there were a couple more that didn't make it into the picture.
Loaded up riding around the neighborhood!

And I have to say I was pretty proud of my big girl this year! A house in our neighborhood does an amazing haunted house every year - I mean professional type stuff going on here - and every year she's been too afraid to go through it. I can't say I blamed her at all - I saw some adults get scared away from it before! Well, this year she said she wanted to go through it - I really thought at the last minute she would back out...but she didn't!! She and I went through together. There were even some of the boys in our group that wouldn't venture in! She was so brave!!!!

Now I've got a bar full of sugar - I think it's all gonna hit the coffee bar at work next week! LOL

Halloween (the IG version)

Whoa...I think I went the entire month of October without a post...I don't know where the time is going, but there just does not seem to be enough of it these days..

A couple nights ago Emma & Aaron worked on their Jack-O-Lantern. I think Emma really likes to play in the ooey gooey part! LOL! They were pretty proud of their spooky pumpkin! BOO! And we had some yummy munchies from that ooey gooey part, too! I love roasted pumpkin seeds! We The kids were so lucky the weather finally decided to act right and quit raining and storming so the trick-or-treating could commence last night!

The Kubeczka kiddos went as Monster Bride... and Donatello (there was no question what Aaron would choose this year)! Emma & I tried to convince him to be JJ Watt and she was going to be a Texans Cheerleader, but he wasn't swaying from his first costume choice!

(I have more Halloween night pics from my camera to follow later...)
All the kids made out like bandits last nigts on candy, which …