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The Dirty Side

...of thirty!!! Oh my gosh - I am now closer to 40 than I am to 30. I really don't know how that happened, but Friday (Friday the 13th I might add) I turned 36!!

It was my Friday off, so I was happy to be able to sleep in a little - Michael got up and left for work while I was still snoozing, then about the time I got up to get Emma up and ready for school my dogs let me know someone was at the door. I really jumped up then thinking at first it was my day to take our neighbor to school...then realized the figure at the door was an adult, with something strange looking in their hand from the way the silhouette looked in the window of the door. I began to get a little worried then I heard a key sliding into the front door and worry turned to fear for about a half second till I logically told myself it was Michael coming back in!

I thought he was just coming back with flowers for me then going back to work, but soon realized he had birthday cake and breakfast and coffee and flowers a…

Beautiful Blake

I had the wonderful pleasure of taking 6 month pictures of this beautiful little girl...
Blake is such a sweetie and I had a great time taking her pictures!!! It was so funny b/c daddy had to intervene a couple times to get her smiling with funny videos on his phone - she didn't like the poses we had her in I guess, but daddy made it all better!!! Daddy's are pretty great, aren't they! LOL

Can't wait to have her outside in hopefully nice Fall weather for her 9 months shoot...