How Proud I Am

Thursday, August 15, 2013
So, last week before we took off to Garner Emma made me so proud - she made an extremely generous, unselfish decision to donate her hair to Locks of Love!
OhMyGosh! OhMyGosh!  Sooooo proud of my big girl for being so generous, but sad to see all her pretty hair gone! Happy it's for such a good cause, though! #LocksOfLove
She cut ten inches to donate - about twelve inches were gone total after they straightened it up. She loves her new haircut and tells me how some little girl is going to get a good wig from her donation!
10 inches gone! Proud of my girl!! #locksoflove
It's still below her shoulders and actually looks much thicker now. I nearly cried when they cut it - for two reasons. One because it was hard to watch that much of her hair get cut, but two because I was just so proud of my sweet girl for making such a big girl decision and thinking of other people and wanting to do something to help someone else that she doesn't even know.

We've been on the Locks of Love website & looked at little girls who've lost their hair b/c of chemo treatments and at pictures of my mom when she didn't have hair b/c of chemo - I wanted to make sure she really knew what a grand gesture it was that she did! My girl is growing up and becoming such a beautiful person inside and out!

I love you sweet girl and am so proud of you!