I have a First Grader!!

Monday, August 26, 2013
First Grade!! Wow - cannot believe that I have a first grader now!!! Doesn't seem possible she is that big. I mean she'll be 7 years old this year - that just cannot be...can it??

She was excited about all the new clothes, backpack, etc., but said she was really ready for another summer break to be here! Ha ha - just means she has had a blast this summer! She has a really nice teacher this year and said she had a great time today. Her teacher has a "library" in her classroom, which really excited Emma - she is a big reader already and is reading so well! She told me mostly about the "library" today and about all her friends she got to see today.
First Grade
We snapped a few pics at home this morning (had to catch her all sleepy eyed, too having her b'fast - hee hee) and then I went off and left my camera at home so relied on my phone to get some pictures at school...it was a lot different dropping her off to First Grade than it was for Kindergarten - more excited and less emotional (for mommy).

First Grade
And, of course, baby brother had to get in a picture with his big sister!
First GradeNow tonight we are off to gymnastics! School doesn't change our busy evening routine that's already in place. Just adds homework to the mix!

Hope you all had a wonderful first day back to school as well!!